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How To Easily Fit Everyone In: Best 10 Person Tent Guide

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Outdoors camping with a family or a large group demands a sturdy and a large tent like a 10-person tent. A spacious tent provides a comfy resting space, large sleeping area, and enough storage space. Large tents are manufactured with a specific purpose in mind to accommodate sets of 8 to 10 people and their recreational needs comfortably. They are also designed with strong materials so as to stand up to whatever the weather may bring forth. There are many advantages of choosing bigger tents over the smaller ones.

With everyone sleeping in the same tent, kids will feel more comfortable and safer as they won’t have to go out to find their parents. Large tents also come with enough storage space so you won’t have to leave some of your equipment or necessities outside the tent where they can be stolen or exposed to elements.

Another advantage of large tents is the ability to divide the tent into separate rooms for privacy purposes. Most of the large tents come equipped with dividers that can be used to divide the tent into separate rooms. Below find our list of the best and the most popular 10 person tents based on Amazon customer reviews.

Top 5 Best 10 persons Tents

1. Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent - 10 Person

Spacious enough to fit up to 10 people comfortably, the Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent is a great choice for large families or group. The tent boasts an 18x10 foot footprint with a height of 76 inches.

As a result, campers have plenty of room to rest, stand, stretch out, and store their camping gear. The Grand Pass tent uses a ping and ring system which makes setup very easy for you to complete. Ventilation is well catered for by the vents, large mesh roof, and windows.

Like most large tents, the Grand pass also comes with divider curtain that can divide the tent into 2 rooms in you need more privacy.  The tent also has the waterproofing level that you would want in a premium tent. The floor is constructed of polyethylene material that keeps it water tight. Mud mats are also included to keep the tent clean.

There is a hooded fly at the top that offers additional stability and rain protection so you don’t have to worry about any leakage. Entry and exit are made easy by the stylish back to back “D” style doors. The Grand Pass tent is one of the best 10 person camping tents and is not exorbitantly priced.

2. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

If you intend to buy a tent that gives you the perfect combination of comfort, convenience, and style, then you might consider buying the Ozark Trail 10 person cabin tent. Designed to contend with the harshest weather conditions, the Ozark Trail tent is one of the best 10 person tents.

The tent is spacious enough to sleep up to 10 people and can perfectly fit 3 queen-size airbeds. If privacy is one of your primary concerns, then the Ozark trail tent got you covered. It comes with 2 removable room dividers that you can use to divide the tent into three separate rooms for added privacy. 

The Ozark Trail 10 person tent features six large windows that help with ventilation while giving you a panoramic view of the camping site. The tent has a huge front door and a door on each side of the tent for uninterrupted privacy, which means that your friends will not have to pass through your living space to get to their rooms.

The fly seams are taped to prevent leakage in foggy or rainy weather. Designed to make you experience camping with a touch of luxury, the Ozark Trail 10 person cabin tent is one of the best 10 person camping tents.

3. Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Hinged Door Tent

If you are looking to take your adventures to regions where weather can become nasty, then you need to make the Coleman Weathermaster 10 person tent your perfect camping partner. This tent is designed with the tough Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system, inverted seams, and patented welded floors to keep water out.

The construction materials are sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, heavy torrents, as well as keep bugs outside the tent, so you can relax inside as the battle gets tough on the outside. The waterproof instructions are sewn to the bag for your convenience.

The Excellent ventilation system is provided by the 6 large windows and a mesh ceiling. It also comes with a big hinged door that is easy to use and makes you feel like you are still at home. Included are room dividers that bisect the room for added privacy. Setting up the tent is made easier with the color coded poles so you don’t have to play the game of trial and error while fitting the poles.

Included in the construction is the Polyester taffeta 75D 450mm PU coating that is durable and waterproof. The Coleman Weathermaster 10 person hinged door tent has garnered some of the best 10 person tent reviews which make it one of the best large tents.

4. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm

NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm

Built to survive the Amazon weather, the NTK Laredo GT tent has all the features you would want in a mega tent. It features an excellent ventilation system with mesh running all around the tent from the windows to the doors and vents.

This allows the tent to breathe especially when the temperature is extremely high. When it turns windy, the Nano-flex fiberglass poles give it extra strength and necessary flexibility such that the tent won’t fall. The Laredo GT tent makes a strong case for being the best 10 person family tent.

The Laredo GT tent is very spacious and at a height of 6.2 feet, it’s probably the best 8-10 person tent. The poles are color coded which simplifies the assembling process which makes it easy to set up. The rainfly is made of polyester and coated with polyurethane 2500mm water column.

The material is waterproof which ensures that you stay dry at all times. The most amazing feature about the Laredo GT tent is that it comes with a mosquito mesh. The ultra-thin polyester no-see style wards mosquitoes and bugs away while offering you some privacy from the side view.

5. Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Three Season Family Camping Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person Three Season Family Camping Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Olympia tent also has made it to the list of the best 10 man tents. Equipped with easy to set up poles, rainfly for unexpected weather, guy ropes, and stakes, the Olympia tent is one of the few tents that will give you an unparalleled camping experience.

Its large space and ease of setting up make it the perfect tent for the family or group camp. The tent is constructed of a durable 1200mm polyester body and the floor is made of 120G polyethylene that is leak free. The fly vents help with ventilation to ensure that you stay cool even when the weather is hot. The Tahoe Gear Olympia is a great tent that will keep you cool while protecting you from the elements.

Here's a video showing you how to pitch your new tent:


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Large sized tents are a better choice due to the many advantages they bring on board. In buying a 10 person tent, it is recommended to choose the one that can be put up and dissembled in the shortest time possible.

This is because most of the large-sized tents tend to be heavier than small-sized tents and the heavier the tent, the harder it might be to set it up. You should also look for poles that are made of steel or fiberglass so that the tent will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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