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How To Choose The Best Car Camping Tent Without Wasting Time

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Car camping tents are usually made for a relatively luxurious experience in the outdoors. Many people often misinterpret the phrase ‘car camping’ as ‘pulling into a campsite and sleeping in a car’. It makes sense though, only that you might miss the element of fun and comfort. Car camping simply means that you pack all of your camping gear for the trip in your car, head out to the campsite, and set up your tent ready for camping.

As you can see, with car camping, there is no hiking or backpacking involved, so how much you pack or the weight of your gear is of little concern, provided it fits in your car. This means that you can even bring four crates of drinks and anything worth bringing to make your camping adventure wonderful. However, it’s also important to consider the weight you bring on board if the distance between the campsite and where you park your car is big. In this guide, we bring you the very best car camping tents so you can have a hassle-free camping experience.

Top 5 Best Car Camping Tents

Spacious, comfortable, and affordable, the Eureka Copper Canyon 4 has all the top features you want for a car camping family tent. When you are going to drag your camping tent a few meters away from the camping site, you don’t always need a ‘fragile’ ultra light tent.

A boxy and a rigid tent like the Copper Canyon 6 can do all the tricks. Poles attach to the tent body through the pin and ring system so setting up is easy and fun too. This cabin style tent will comfortably sleep up to 4 people and leave space for refreshments and other camping gear.  

The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 is constructed with a full mesh roof that allows fresh air circulation and reduces condensation so you can stay cool and dry at all times. Campers who regularly pitch their tents in rainy and windy weather will want a tent that can ride them through the storm. The Copper canyon 4 has it all.

The hybrid fiberglass frame is reliable while the external guy points are sturdy enough to withstand the wind. The factory sealed floor and fly seams will ensure you remain dry even in the rainy season. It also has 4 large windows one on each side that offers ventilation and visibility. The Eureka Copper Canyon 4 is one of the best 4 person car camping tents and a fruitful investment that will last long.

Kelty Frontier 10 X 10 Tent

The best thing about canvas tents is that they endure strong weather and can last for many years if taken good care of, and the Kelty Frontier 6p tent is no exception. The tent boasts a floor area of 100 square feet that is large enough to comfortably fit 6 people and leave a room for gear.

At a pack weight of around 18 to 19kg, the tent is relatively heavy, but that’s not a big concern since you’ll be car camping. Despite its weight, it’s very easy to set up the tent and you won’t require an extra hand to set it up or take it down.  

On the outside, the tent looks like a very expensive and luxurious house which cannot be far from the truth since the tent is in the higher price bracket. You will enjoy a cool environment inside the tent courtesy of the polyester mesh walls and the closable mesh door panels.

The fly vents and the taped floor seams are designed to keep you dry when the weather turns wet, while the closeable mesh vestibule can be used for additional storage. The Kelty Frontier 6 makes a strong case for being the best tent for car camping and performs like a champ even when the weather becomes nasty.

3. Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Coleman 6 person instant tent is one of the few tents on the market that gives you more than you pay for. The ‘cabin style’ maximizes the living space while giving you the freedom to stand and walk around, thanks to the high headroom.

The tent comes with pre-assembled poles that ensure set up in less than 60 seconds. You won’t need instruction manuals or setup diagrams, and the tent will be up before you know it. The roomy tent can fit 2 queen size air mattresses and leave enough space to store your personal belongings.  

Just like other Coleman tents, the 6-person instant cabin tent also features Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system. This system consists of a series of interworking features that keep the elements outside the tent. The welded floor technology ensures no leakage from the floor while the fully taped rainfly seams and the coated polyester fabrics keep the tent 100% waterproof so you can stay dry even in the most torrential rain.

The tent is also constructed with durable steel poles that are strong enough to withstand the wind. The Coleman 6-person instant cabin tent has garnered some of the highest car camping tents reviews and lives up to its standards in terms of performance and comfort.

Big Agnes - Flying Diamond Deluxe Car CampingBase Camping Tent

The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 person tent is ideal for deluxe car camping or for use in a base camp in all 4 seasons. The tent comes with 2 large doors, the main door at the front and the other door at the back.

You can make good use of the back door by partitioning the tent into two separate rooms with the zippered partition wall. Its poles are made of lightweight aluminum so it features eco-friendly environment and does not present any difficulty in the setup process.  

The Big Agnes Flying Diamond deluxe tent is designed to keep you safe in all seasons. The rainfly and the floor are constructed of tough materials and coated with a 1,500 PU coating to keep you dry no matter the magnitude of the downpour. The wall is made of breathable polyester rip-stop to keep you cool in summer season.

Big Agnes also includes 10 large mesh pockets on the wall so you will never run out of storage. The Big Agnes tent comes with a pack weight of 18lbs and is comfortable enough to give you a happy camping experience and spacious enough to fit your entire family, camping gear, and other goodies you collect in the woods.  If you are looking for a bigger tent like a 10 person tent check our 10 person tent post.

Big Agnes Wyoming Trail Camp 4 Tent

The Big Agnes Wyoming Trail 4 tent is made for a family of 4 and offers enough space as well as privacy if you need it. This three season tent has very high headroom; you might even forget that you are inside a tent.

It has a spacious vestibule where you can place some chairs and a table and enjoy a meal. The assembly mechanism is made as intuitively as possible so that you can spend as little time and energy as possible when setting up the tent.

The pole ends are color-coded to eliminate confusion when setting it up.  The Wyoming tent has 2 sleeping quarters which are separated by a vestibule so you can have your own space without bothering the rest. The seams are fully taped with a waterproof tape so you won’t have to worry about leakage.

The awning style vestibule may be staked out as a shade using trekking poles so as to shelter you from the scorching sun. Both the floor and the fly have silicone coating to make sure the tent is watertight. The Wyoming Trail 4 is not the cheapest tent out there, but if you are willing to pay, you get the best tent on the market for car camping.

Here's a quick video if your looking for tips on car camping:


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Camping with your whole family makes you feel super excited. And if you are not hiking the mountains or backpacking for long distances, things get even better with a car camping tent.

Car camping has many advantages one of them being the flexibility to determine what to carry. They also come loaded with a set of features, the most noticeable being the large interior space.

You can use our car camping tents guide to secure yourself with the best tent on the market.

If you are not sure if a car camping tent is right for you, be sure to check out our tent buying guide post.

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