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The Best Dirt Bike Helmet Money Can Buy: Buyer’s Guide 2017

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We have provided an overview of the top motocross helmets across the board, giving every off-road fan a superior quality dirt bike helmet that meets the budget. A dirt bike helmet should always provide excellent ventilation and an extra-firm fitment. The addition of a chin-guard often goes a long way towards ensuring safety and a secure fit.

A dirt bike helmet is different from a full-faced helmet for street riding because of it's light weight design and having the versatility to use motorcycle goggles freely.

We made certain that each helmet offered is not only safety certified, but also sleek and stylishly designed. Arrive at the track with any of these offerings, and your competitors will be sure to know that you are a serious adversary, sporting killer designs and awesome aerodynamics.

Performance & Superior Design – Top 5 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Guide

1. Shoei VFX-W Reputation Off-Road Helmet (White/Black/Red)

Shoei VFX-W Reputation Off-Road Helmet WhiteBlackRed

The Shoei VFX-W Reputation Off-Road Helmet is the best off road helmet in production. Giving you racy looks, the design at the pinnacle of engineering and aerodynamics, the Shoei VFX-W Reputation is the product of many years worth of research and development.

It offers a V-430 sleek visor and mouthpiece that significantly reduces drag. When wearing this comfortable off road helmet you will find that the negative air pressure provides great ventilation. Warmth and moisture are sucked through the vents without the slightest accumulation of sweat and heat.

The patented Max-Dry interior disassembles easily, although this is needed infrequently as moisture is dispersed extremely well. As with all Shoei merchandise, this great helmet comes at a hefty cost. Those who can afford it are ensured protection like no other helmet provides, topping almost all other helmets in every way expected.

Key Qualities and Features

  • Lightweight 
  • Uses high end exotic materials for Quality
  • Super Aggressive Design for Stylish Look
  • Superior Functionality with great features
  • Lots of Vents for Maximum Comfort
Arai Tip VX-Pro4 Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet - Orange

The Arai VX-Pro4 is among the best motocross helmets available to serious enthusiasts, granting professional quality and featuring outstanding design. Just as you can expect, this helmet is built with quality material that you want with any high end helmet. 

Shell is made with Complex Laminate Construction from Arai and ​the air vent schemes have significantly improved from the VX-Pro3 its predecessor, which improves airflow. The peak is adjustable with a screw that turns to loosen the peak so you can replace or adjust the angle. 

Every last aspect of their top motocross helmets is designed to give the rider safety, aerodynamics, comfort and quality. This featherweight frame is precision engineered to offer to the very best impact protection. With the peak and vents designed to breakaway in a crash that can be replaced as well. 

So the Arai VX-Pro4 helmet can sustain the hardest of bumps and knocks while retaining its attractive veneer and overall look through many falls. The interior is filled with Dry-Cool linings which absorbs the sweat nicely and dries it out so there is minimum moisture which is a big improvement from the Pro3. The Arai VX-Pro4 is the ultimate helmet for someone looking for a premium high end helmet that won't strain the neck and keep you going for hours of happy riding. 

Key Qualities and Features

  • Lightweight
  • Well ventilated for maximum comfort
  • Breakaway design at crash for safety
  • Quality Construction for Long term use

3. HJC FG-X Hammer Off-Road Helmet (Red/White/Black)

HJC FG-X Hammer Off-Road Helmet (Red/White/Black, X-Large)

For the best dirt bike helmets bridging professional ruggedness and budget, the HJC FG-X Hammer Off-Road Helmet gives us advanced fiberglass shell and superior craftsmanship at a great price.

The ‘ACS’ advanced channeling ventilation gives you a cool, firm fitting helmet that never suffers from the buildup of heat and humidity. The comfortable, cool fit benefits greatly from the silver cool interior provided.

As the owner of the HJC FG-X Hammer, FG-X interchangeable cheek pads are available to you in different sizes and are washable. The HJC FG-X Hamm Off-Road Helmet exceeds SNELL and D.O.T. standards. The HJC FG-X Hamm proves its worth by sustaining through the hardest knocks, taking a lot of punishment before any signs showing damage. HJC supplies reliable quality with killer looks, making the FG-X a popular choice.

Key Qualities and Features

  • Superior quality construction 
  • Affordable
  • Well Designed Eye Port for wearing most glasses or goggles
  • Silver Cool Liner for Comfort and Dryness

Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade White Offroad Motorcycle Helmet

If you are looking for an affordable, high performance offering, blending affordability and quality, the Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade is one of the best motocross helmets available to you.

The velocity flow ventilation and three-shelled, EPS sized fitment give us a helmet that matches a driven rider’s pace on the dirt track. The peak visor can be removed quickly and easily, making for a versatile helmet that suits both the street and off-road.

The Bell MX-9 is a fantastic choice for those pressing boundaries, giving riders a helmet that is designed to support any set of goggles that you prefer. Their high-vision visor flips up allowing ample space for any set that you may decide to choose. The Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade is a great helmet that is good looking and sleek enough to be used anywhere, not just the dirt track.

Best Youth Motocross Helmet for Young Riders Choice!

Whilst our list compiles all of the top rated motocross helmets available today, all suited to racers young and old, the best youth motocross helmet is undoubtedly the Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade. This moderately priced helmet exceeds expectations, giving safety, style and a comfortable fit at all times.

The flip-up visor leaving space for goggles of any size is a great feature for young riders who may go through several sizes of eye-protection over their first few years. Bell is a long-running, trusted name in dirt bike equipment and the MX-9 gives you everything from a functional, removable visor to air-flow that forces out heat and humidity.

Key Qualities and Features

  • Flexibility for On-Road or Off-Road Use
  • Affordable 
  • Stylish with aggressive lines
  • Well Ventilated with multiple air ports
  • Very Functional

HJC Solid Mens CL-X7 Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a seasoned professional, the HJC Solid Mens CL-X7 Off-Road/Dirt Bike Motorcycle is about the best off road helmet in terms of all –around balanced affordability.

This stunning helmet features a polycarbonate shell that has been precision engineered for performance. You are always guaranteed a firm fit and outstanding protection due to the comfortable nylon strap retention system that keeps your helmet secure and the chin guard firmly in place.

The cheek-pads are both contoured and is comprised of multiple-layers, giving you comfort when being bumped around the dirt off-road or on the track. This affordable option from HJC is not lacking in any way and is set to last you many years of reliable service. The inner SuperCool bacterial fabric is even removable and washable, whilst the premier shell can sustain tough impacts.

Key Qualities and Features

  • Comfortable Fit (Oval Shaped)
  • Adjustable Peak for Flexbility
  • Nice Ridges for Aerodynamics
  • Functional (removable liner, Wide eye port for googles)
  • Affordable Price Point

This video was an ad shoot for the Shoei VFX-W with famous motocross racers Josh Grant, and Kevin Windham, riding it out with some cool stunts! Check it out...


With this list of great dirt bike helmets, hopefully you found the "One" for you. We've arranged this list with extensive research to fit any riders skill level and budget in mind. We understand we have mentioned more about features and price points than safety but all of these great helmets are approved for very high safety ratings as well because we know that's the whole point after all. We don't recommend breaking your bank but if you tend to keep things longer because you love it, we recommend spending the extra money so you can keep it longer and enjoy the sport more. 

Be safe out there and happy riding! 🙂

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