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Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews: Buyer’s Guide For 2017

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Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 11 US/Size 45 Euro)

Finding the best motorcycle riding boots is a priority for many motorcycle enthusiasts. As always, quality protective gear is necessary for a smooth and safe ride. Every part of the body must have protection when traveling at high speed. Each gear's design must have a purpose and finding the right one is crucial.

Choosing is easy and it can be fun. You’ve got to look out for certain criteria to get the best deal. First, ask yourself the purpose of buying these boots. Are you using these for riding, walking or working? Or do you need a multi-functional boots that works for all three purposes?

Buying good motorcycle boots that’s made from high-quality materials is important. They serve as protection for your feet to avoid injuries. There’s always the unexpected when you’re cruising at high speed. Flying objects like rocks or wood present hazards that these boots should handle. Also, in any weather conditions, your gear must provide comfort at all times.

These excellent products have many different features that you have to consider. Various specs such as appearance, kind of materials, price and function are crucial. Always keep these in mind and you won’t feel overwhelmed. This guide makes choosing the right gear a breeze.

If your just looking for riding shoes instead of boots, please check out our post about the best riding shoes available for 2017.

It shows different brands which are not only fashionable but designed for safety, too. Important recommendations and customer reviews are also provided for you to look into. Lets find you some good motorcycle boots we have extensively researched below!

The Top 10 Motorcycle Boots Comparison Table







Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 11 US/Size 45 Euro)

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown)


Adjustable Velcro


Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

Leather Plate/Suede/Tempered Steel



Gaerne G-Adventure Boots  Primary Color Black Size 9 Distinct Name Black Gender MensUnisex XF-50-734

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots , Primary Color: Black, , Gender: Mens/Unisex XF-50-7344


3 buckle closure system


Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Mens Boots Black Size 9

Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Men's Boots (Black)

Heavy Duty Leather

Velcro closure over the zipper


ONeal Rider Boots Black Size 10

O'Neal Rider Boots (Black)

Leather/Injection molded plastic/Steel

Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system


Xelement 1442 Mens Classic Motorcycle Harness Biker Boot - 10 12

Xelement 1442 Mens Classic Motorcycle Harness Biker Boot




Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Road Captain Leather Womens Motorcycle Boots Black Size 85C

Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Road Captain Leather Women's Motorcycle Boots (Black)




Vega Touring Mens Motorcycle Boots Black Size 11

Vega Touring Men's Motorcycle Boots (Black)


Dual zip/Hook and loop


AXO Drone Boots Black Size 11

AXO Drone Boots (Black)

Synthetic Leather/Steel/Vinyl



Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Womens Boots Black Size 6

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Women's Boots (Black)




Top 5 Motorcycle Boots

The best motorcycle boots for men are out there waiting. So always consider quality, price, appearance, material used and function when choosing. These best-selling products are all comfortable to use, giving ample protection as well. They are flexible to provide easy movement of the feet.
These boots also give a good grip on your bike and offers seamless gear shifting. This may improve driving skills and makes cruising more enjoyable.

All products are safety certified and made of high-quality materials. Best of all, they have unique and fashionable designs, ensuring an impressive look. They’re not only designed for safety, but for the fashion-savvy, as well.

These best-selling products are all comfortable to use, giving ample protection as well. They are flexible and provide easy movement of the feet. This list is not only for men riders, in particular. The product roster includes the best motorcycle boots for women, as well. Although most are for unisex wear and looks great for both men and women.

1. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots (Brown, Size 11 US/Size 45 Euro)

The Forma Adventure is one of the best products, topping the list. One of its outstanding features is the high-quality material used in this product. The boot’s outer part material is of full-grain and oil-treated leather, ensuring durability.

Your feet remains protected from impact damage thanks to its plastic molded paddings. The double density rubber sole reinforces protection even more.
To protect the feet from vibration, there’s special mid soles made of nylon. Besides, anti-shock EVA and PP Mid Dual Flex are also in place. These boots are great for all adventures, with Drytex lining that’s breathable and waterproof.

Now, there’s no cause for worry if the weather’s not cooperating. In any kinds of weather condition, these boots won’t let you down.
The products are suitable for off-road, motocross, trailing or on the streets. They look and fit great with adjustable GH plastic buckles and Velcro closure. These features ensure a customized fit, making feet comfortable, even on long driving. The ultra-soft polymer padding with memory foam makes driving a breeze.

To ensure great smelling feet, there’s also the replaceable foot bed that’s anti-bacterial. It also comes with the Air Pump System to further stop bad odors. The high-price range might turn off a couple of users with budget considerations. Although most fans will claim, these are the best boots for motorcycle riding. These boots are functional, durable, high-quality and a good value for money anytime and the boots can be kept for a long time.

2. Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

A close competitor of the Forma Adventure, the Alpinestars Tech shines as well. They’re also unisex boots and loved by men and women.The boots have tremendous arch support, making the rider appear tall. This is good for the back, allowing a comfortable stance when driving or standing.

The excellent calf plate offering adequate grip, side contact and support is remarkable. This makes the product one of the best motor boots in this list.
There’s also shock-absorbing ankle padding, much like the Forma. Coupled with its high impact and resistant buckles, the boots ensure adequate protection.

The Alpinestar is durable and holds well in all weather conditions or any abuse. The lugged soles ensure traction even when riding dirt bikes making it a very durable dirt biking boot. Even if you’re riding on slick terrain or muddy conditions, you won’t slip. Also, the boot’s inner sides are of plastic and covered by thick suede. This results in increased grip, making this one of the best biker boots around.

3. O'Neal Rider Boots

ONeal Rider Boots Black Size 10

The product’s stellar features ensure inclusion to these top brands today. The moderate grip soles of the boots make it suitable for track and racing. Likewise, it is also suited for motorcross and trails. The moderate price makes it one of the best rated motorcycle boots around.

These boots are not only great as riding boots, they’re great for walking, too. The presence of traditional welt soles and heavy traction is a welcome addition. This features ensures that your gait remain balanced and steady. So, there’s no accidental slipping or untoward accidents.

To add more protection from impact damage, injection molded plastic plates are in place. Metal toe guards are also added to protect the sole even more. No wonder, fans consider the O’Neal as one of the top brands today. To give extra comfort, features such as cushioned insole, open-handed heel support are present.

Also, the air mesh interior lets your feet breathe. This is important to lessen foot fatigue or cramping especially during long riding. The synthetic leather heat shield is also in place to guard against heat damage.

The customized fit is spot-on and a favorite. There’s a set of 4 buckle arrangement and adjustable snap-locks to make fitting easier. Don’t worry about the buckles and straps wearing out because of hours of use. These are all replaceable, as well. To keep the shape and to make it stronger, metal shank inserts save the day, hands down. They serve as reinforcements for longevity and more years of use.

4. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

Gaerne G-Adventure Boots Primary Color Black Size 9 Distinct Name Black Gender MensUnisex XF-50-734

This Italian-made certainly counts as one of the best looking motorcycle boots. Most users like the amazing look, durability and dependability of the Gaerne G. The solid feel of the boots feel comfortable and makes riding or walking safer.

Though tough-looking, the boots are lightweight; pleasant to use even for all day wear. The crossover style is excellent for off-road riding or on the road. The full-height appearance looks classy, so it’s worth the price.
The anti-slip feature of the Gaerne is an excellent safety feature.

That’s why this product is included in the list of best mens motorcycle boots. The shift pad, adjustable buckles and upper shin protector guards also serves as grips. It’s common for rider’s foot to slip and this safety feature is most welcome.
The insides of the boots are also well-padded and comfortable.

In addition, the waterproof single piece membrane keeps water out. It also serves as insulation to keep your feet warm during cold weather. Even when the weather turns warm, the membrane lets your feet breathe. The sweat and moisture are not trapped which also inhibits bad odor from forming.

The front flap’s Velcro tab gives a great fit around the leg as well. This is indeed one of the products at mid price range.
Lugged soles are present at the bottom of the boots for solid footing. Regardless if you’re standing on your bike’s pegs, there are no slips or misshaps.

The ribbed area at the back of the G-Adventure is for overall protection and support. These quality boots are built for rugged wear, yet are lightweight. Built to withstand even a cross country road trip, it’s a great riding gear. It’s one of the best rated motorcycle boots to use and highly recommended.

5. Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Women's Boots

Joe Rocket Heartbreaker Womens Boots Black Size 6

The Joe Rocket look is stylish and classy. It’s feminine with understated toughness that most women love. It also adds around 2 inches to your height, making you look taller. This adds confidence and makes you feel a lot like Laura Croft from Tomb Raider.

It has ample arch and leg support, so it definitely has your back. These lightweight boots are great for street cruiser motorcycles and street-sport motorcycles. They also work great for off-road motorcycles and street-cruiser motorcycles, among others.

The padded upper shin guard is of leather for added durability. Also, the use of quality YKK zipper ensures sturdiness for the long haul. It’s also excellent that the zipper is full-length for ease of entry. For a more customized fit, the buckles and calf hooks are adjustable.

These best boots for riding motorcycle are first-rate in appearance and functionality.
Also, the boots are a combination of solid leather and leather chasis that’s perforated. This makes the boots look stunning and sleek. The multi-adjustable calf is well loved by women and so is the mid-point buckle.

It’s a great all-weather boots that keeps your legs warm during cold days. If you’re searching for the best street bike boots, then choose the Joe Rocket.

Other Brands of Motorcycle Boots


The Durango brand has been in the market for 50 years. It’s well known for authentic western footwear that many Americans are fond of. It’s a company known for its all American spirit of the old west. Designed with the true cowboy or cowgirl in mind, their collection is enduring.
They craft excellent footwear for all genders and ages. Designed to bring your inner cowboy to life, their leather Durango boots are excellent. It has many kinds of boots to offer adults and children alike. These includes traditional western, fashionable boots, including riding gears for motorcycle lovers.
The company has diversified to include many products today. They now have farm and ranch products, as well as work styles and fashion footwear. While keeping the spirit of the Old West, it boosts of new products today. The Durango Boots is a blend of new technology, see it in their motorcycle line of footwear.


An American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson has been in the scene since 1903. It’s beginnings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is well documented and spanned an era. The company is the 5th largest manufacturer of the iconic brand worldwide. The Harley-Davidson market base is diverse – young and old at heart; men and women. Both riders and non-riders respect the brand and all it stands for.

The company revved up its brand and begun selling clothing and footwear. So it’s not uncommon to see many riders sporting their t-shirts and boots. The brand has developed leather and high-end boots for both men and women. More than motorcycle, Harley-Davidson Boots is a classic example of quality.

They have leather waterproof and casual boots for riding, including steel toe boots. Their footwear is identifiable- with the signature wings of freedom in every boots. Most are waterproof with anti-slip features and oil resistant outsoles for safety while riding.


Bates is US company and has been serving civilians and the military for a long time. The company is also the top brand for military and police footwear. Synonymous with durability and high-performance, Bates has come a long way. It began its long road to service as a small footwear maker in 1885. They changed focus, manufacturing military dress shoes for the US Navy in the 60s.

Bates is the largest footwear supplier for the US government and Department of Defense. Yet, the succeeding years saw an increased demand into the civilian side of the market. This is unsurprising since Bates has gained an exceptional reputation. After all, they are making footwear for the most demanding jobs in the world.

Bates brand of motorcycle footwear is durable, waterproof and built-to-last. Although with limited designs on hand, the quality is consistent and superior. Rubber soles has passed the SATRA WTM 144 slip-resistance test. It’s guaranteed to see you through the toughest terrains.

Key Features for Motorbike Boots

Key Qualities To Look For To Narrow It Down

• Quality
This is a no brainer; always choose quality-made boots. After all, you’ll be using these as safety gear during your ride. It’s not enough to have excellent quality helmets, gloves and outerwear. Your boots should also consist of the best materials. Leather riding boots are great to invest in, providing great value for money.

Don’t forget that you need durable boots that will not slip. Look for lugged soles for traction that withstand any slippery or wet terrain. Make sure that when you stand on the pegs, you won’t slip, either. Choose strong and trusted brands that have been around in the market for years. They have the most safety features available, which are vital for any protective gear.

Your boots should also fit well for street cruising and walking. There are boots that feel great when you’re riding on high speed. Yet, when you disembark from your bike and starts walking, they don’t feel solid. So, choose the ones that won’t wobble when you’re walking. A good pair of footwear should also support the arch of your back.

• Appearance
Most riders go for the sleek and classy appearance of riding boots. Opt for the best street bike boots that look great for your style. Don’t rely on fashionable looking gear, forgetting that these must be safety certified. Examine their safety ratings and don’t be afraid to ask around.

Boots that are too pointed may pose problems. Although they may look great, they tend to squeeze your toes. This might cause cramping and leg fatigue, a dangerous combination for riders. The best motorcycle riding boots for men and women should combine function and appearance.

• Function
When buying a product make sure they’re functional and fits your needs. They must be flexible so your foot can move with ease and comfort. Also, they must have adequate gripping mechanism so your feet won’t slip when cruising.

These boots should also ensure ease of gear shifting for safety when driving. These are non-negotiables – shifter pads and grippers. They ensure a firm grasp on your heels and ankles when driving. When driving in extreme weather conditions, it’s important that boots have tractions. There are a lot of hazards on the road. So, your boots must be ready for anything.

It is also important that these boots work well in any weather condition. Choose boots that are waterproof and keep your feet warm during cold weather. Also select boots with insole materials that lets your feet breathe. Some products even take care of stinky feet, so choose that one, too.

• Price
Quality goods do not come cheap. Although having a budget is limiting, there are still products that are affordable. Always remember that most cheap products put your life on the line. Especially if you ride rough and muddy terrains, A-1 products are the most recommended. So, expect to pay a bit more than you would regular products.


For many motorcycle riding enthusiasts, finding the best moto boots is important. Riding at high speed with the wind rushing on your face is exhilarating. Cruising along a countryside or hitting the dirt road is safer with the right protective gear.

There are many qualities to consider when choosing the perfect riding boots to conclude. 

Quality, appearance, function and price are some of the features to look out for like stated above. Although many riders want to look fashionable at the same time, safety is paramount.

This is what to look for...

Always choose high-quality materials that can withstand different weather conditions and various terrains. Quality doesn’t come cheap, so expect to shell out a fair deal of money. After all, your safety is on the line, so go for choice products.

Yet, there are also affordable brands to choose from. Most are sturdy, safety compliant and will not bust your budget. The top products in this motorcycle boots review show hardiness and passes safety standards. They are strong and reliable brands that consumers have trusted for years.
Remember that donning protective gears is important.

Aside from safe riding, wearing the right boots must be second nature. After all, safety comes first in everything which is motorcycle boots best feature to consider. 

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Thanks so much for reading this post and hopefully we helped you finding the right boots or shoes to keep your feet protected at all times. Be sure to also check out our post about motorcycle backpacks review to find a quality backpack to keep your all your gears at a safe spot.

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