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The Best Motorcycle Helmet Sizes Chart

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The motorcycle helmet is hailed as the most effective safety gear in the motorcyclist’s toolkit. There is no other single piece of riding gear which provides more protection or more return on investment in the event of an accident.

This is why it’s highly recommended not to buy the helmet with only the price or style in mind. The proper fit should take precedence in your buying decisions. To get the best protection and comfort, your helmet needs to provide a really good comfortable fit. Here’s the golden rule for finding the helmet with the perfect fit:

Your head size + your head shape = Perfect Fit

You should know your head size measurement before buying any helmet. Once you get the measurements, you can now use the manufacturer's size chart to determine which best fits you. Be sure to choose a helmet that fits comfortably on your head. Remember if your helmet is too small, it will obviously be uncomfortable during the ride. Again if it’s too big, it will move around, up, and down your head when you least want it to. It can also let in wind and worse of all, come off in a crash.

motorcycle helmet sizes chart

Helmet Size and Head Shape

Motorcycle helmet fitting encompasses many things, the most obvious being the head shape and size. Head shape is just as important as head size. A perfectly sized helmet may comfortably fit in one head but fail to fit on another of the same size if the shapes are different. Most manufacturers factor in the following shapes when making their helmets:

  • Long Oval- This shape is longer from the forehead to the back of the skull than it is side-to-side.
  • Intermediate Oval- This shape is used to describe a rounded head with a shorter front-to-back and wider side-to-side.
  • Round Oval- unlike the Long Oval, this shape is longer side-to-side than it is from front-to-back.

Once you have known your head shape, it is easier to trim down the choices to only the appropriate few that will match your head. The next important step is to measure your head size.

How to take Correct Measurements of Your Head Size

This may seem easy but without the right instructions, you might end up taking the wrong measurements. Almost all of motorcycle helmets are unisex, which means they come in same sizes for men and women. To measure your head size, follow these steps:

  •  Using a tape measure or a string, measure the distance around your head. The tape measure should run across your forehead just above your eyebrows. This positioning gives the best estimation of the distance around your head. If possible, you can ask someone to help you do the measuring so as to get more accurate results.
  •  The circumference of your head should be measured at a point that is exactly one inch above your eyebrows. This is the point that gives the largest possible measurement.
  • Using the motorcycle helmet sizes chart provided by the manufacturer, find your motorcycle helmet size. This should be the helmet that matches the size of your head as measured with the tape measure. Watch the YouTube video below for more information on how to measure your head size.
  • The next step is to try it on so as to check the fit. Be cautious to check that it fits your head. You can start by checking whether there are gaps between the pads. The right helmet should be in direct contact with your cheeks. Also, ensure that the helmet fits you perfectly well at the back and can be removed easily with no force applied.
  • Make sure there is no movement in the helmet’s fit. You can test this by bending forward with your head facing downwards. If the helmet comes off, or moves around, or jerks forward, it’s an indication that it’s too large for you. Lastly, remove the helmet and check for any mark on your cheeks or forehead. Any mark would be a good indication of a pressure point, a further indication that the helmet is too small. You can also check our review of the best full face helmets on the market so as to buy a helmet that fits you and puts you ahead of the competition.

Motorcycle Helmet Sizes Charts By Brand

One important factor to know before buying the helmet is that not all manufacturers use the same sizing guide. This is especially important when you are buying from a brand that you have not worn before. In this article, we have pulled together the motorcycle helmet sizing guides for some of the major helmet manufacturers.

Arai Helmet Size Chart

Arai is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to helmet manufacturing. This chart shows the helmet size guide that Arai use. You can use this chart to determine your perfect fit.

InchesHat SizeMetricEquals

AGV Helmet Size Chart

AGV is a premium Italian brand well known for its manufacture of quality motorcycle helmets since 1948. Below find the helmet size conversion guide they use.

SizeCentimeterInchesHat Size
XXS5120 1/86 3/8
XS5320 7/86 5/8
S5521 5/86 7/8
M5722 3/87 1/8
L6023 1/27 1/2
XL6224 3/87 3/4
2XL6324 3/47 7/8

Nolan Helmets Size Chart

Nolan has been producing quality helmets since 1972. Below find the Nolan helmet size conversion chart.

SizeInch AroundHat Sizecm

Shark Helmet Size Chart

This shark helmet conversion chart will help you determine the shark helmet that best suits you for the perfect fit.


Suomy Helmet Size Chart

Suomy helmets are also known for their quality standards. Below find the size conversion chart they use for their helmets.

20 1/2 – 20 7/8X-Small53-54
21 1/4 – 21 5/8Small55-56
22 – 22 1/2Medium57-58
22 7/8 – 23 1/4Large59-60
23 5/8 – 24X-Large61-62
24 1/2 – 24 7/8XX-Large63-64
25 1/4 – 25 5/8XXX-Large65-66

Most of the helmet’s size conversion charts can be found on their respective company’s website and also on leading online stores like Amazon and EBay.


A well-fitted motorcycle helmet contributes to a better and a safer ride. This is in every motorcyclist’s interest. If the helmet does not fit you perfectly well, it will not only discomfort but also predispose you to fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is very important to give fit the first priority when choosing the helmet that conveys your swag and style. You can use our motorcycle helmet fit guide when buying so as to make a more informed buying decision.

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