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Best Motorcycle Speakers Reviews To Keep the Volume Up

Best Motorcycle Speakers

Communication and music when out and about with your motorcycle has become almost essential for many fast-paced riders.

There is no better companion to a comfortable, quiet helmet than a high quality set of crystal-clear speakers. The best motorcycle speakers will fit seamlessly into any good quality helmet with an inner audio lining. Most from reputable manufacturers already provide this feature. Bluetooth connectivity is provided by the top motorcycle helmet speakers.

Bluetooth is the preferred means of connectivity, with a 3.5mm jack being supplied for compatibility. Follow our purchase recommendations given by our motorcycle speakers reviews. You won’t be disappointed.

The best speakers for motorcycle helmet comfort are thin and are never felt. Each of our motorcycle helmet speakers reviews carefully considers comfort, style, clarity and loudness. Battery life also is a key factor held in regard.

The best motorcycle speakers also allow you to answer and reject calls easily. Switching tracks and adjust volume levels is effortless. Allow our motorcycle helmet speakers reviews to guide you. Buy the best speakers for motorcycle helmet comfort, safety and your listening pleasure.

1. Shark SHTOOTH SharkTooth Communication System

Shark SHTOOTH SharkTooth Communication System

The Shark SHTOOTH SharkTooth Communication System over-delivers in overall audio quality satisfaction and design. It is simply the best in helmet speakers. It gives you effective full DSP noise and echo cancellation and auto adjustment.

The SHTooth automatically adjusts your volume and balancing relative to the ambient noise and speed levels detected. It provides a hands-free interface to your mobile phone. Full support for voice activated dialing is given, should you phone support this feature. Full stereo music streaming from this helmet audio system gives clarity that exceeds expectations.

SharkTooth give riders the best Bluetooth motorcycle speakers that money can buy. This system is loud with no distortion. The sound is rich and the bass is full, you will never experience flat sound from this set. Waterproof, aerodynamic, compact and comfortable, every expectation is exceeded. The full duplex audio is volume adjustable and A2DP (a music player mode) is provide. The quality of construction is clear from the get-go. Sturdy connectors and high quality cabling is prevalent. The slim line controls are easy to access, for those that cannot take advantage of voice commands.

Final Thoughts About This Device...

Installation is easy, intuitive and quick to accomplish. An audible alert is provided when connectivity is made with another device. Seven hundred hours of standby time is supplied by the great battery life. When speaking on the phone or listening to music in A2DP stereo mode you are given ten hours. The battery charges in but four hours, ensuring that your helmet is always ready to ride for the next day. The Shark SHTOOTH SharkTooth Communication System allows you to pair with eight devices. It gives the best in helmet speakers design, features and compatibility.

2. Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit (Single)

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset  Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit Single

The SMH10 is a Bluetooth v3.0+EDR Class 1 is a long range, Bluetooth headset and intercom. The range offered by the intercom extends to 980 yards in an open terrain. Both incoming and outgoing audio quality is fantastic.

The SMH10-11 gives full HD audio recording that is compatible with a range of cameras. This great headset gives easy to use, hands free interfacing with your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Sena is a long-standing manufacturer of Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers. Review of their products show excellence throughout their range.

Sena provides audio booster technology for those times when you need a bump to your volume levels. The battery life supplied is very good, giving twelve hours of talk time and ten days of standby time. The universal intercom system allows for pairing with intercoms from competing manufacturers. A particularly handy feature is the 4-way conference call capability of the intercom system, great for group rides.

A popular feature similar to the intercom provided by Harley Davidson is the side-tone functionality. This allows you to hear yourself speak, perfect for conversations at high speed or when around multiple bikes. This clarity at all times places it second, among our best motorcycle speakers reviews.

Final Thoughts About This Device...

The advanced noise control does a great job of ensuring crystal-clear listening and communication. Wind noise is reduced to a barely audible level. The technical capabilities reflect the quality of this great set of Bluetooth speakers and intercom. It has a sampling rate of 48 Khz and uses the SBC codec for audio rendering and capturing. The Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom is easy to install and even easier to use. The range of features and audio clarity place this great set among the best Bluetooth helmet speakers around.

3. Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset 800m Rider to Pillion

Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset 800m Rider to Pillion

The Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset gives surprising audio quality. It gives a range of ten meters. It supplies you a bike to bike intercom system, interfacing with cellular calls and music playback. GPS navigation instructions are also conveyed from your device.

This fantastic comprehensive system gives excellent DSP echo cancellation and outstanding noise reduction. Even when traveling at high speeds, clarity is guaranteed.

The button panel provided is both sun and water-proof, proving the durability of this excellent technology. The Buyee Bt has been designed to give you long-lasting operation through the most rigorous uses. The clarity and volume of this top motorcycle Bluetooth speaker system is fantastic. The loudness levels are of such a degree that most people will not be riding around with the volume max.

The Buyee Bt delivers unbelievable audio quality at the price provided. It's focus on superior audio give it among the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth speakers in production.

Final Thoughts About This Device...

The only trouble that is often encountered with this speaker system is the difficulty of positioning the microphone. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect point of placement for your microphone. Setup and configuration takes but minutes, while finding the best spot for your microphone does not take too much longer. If you are looking for pumping bass and superior treble this set is great. Look no further than this fantastic system of affordable speakers from Buyee. It has about the best helmet speaker out of all of our top motorcycle helmet speakers reviewed.

4. Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio

This outstanding Bluetooth audio system fits any helmet with an audio liner. It gives great performance and affordability. The Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio features a single oversized button.

This button on each headphone is located on the outside of your helmet. It allows you to answer calls, skip tracks and adjust volume levels. It pairs with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. This Bluetooth audio system is full stereo and capable of putting out 120 decibels of clear sound.

One is rewarded with deep, rich bass and clear highs, thanks to the 40 mm speakers provided by this outstanding set. The built-in microphone always supplies perfect quality of speech, clarity is ensured. The wireless range extends to 32 feet, reconnecting automatically to the last device that you paired with.

The battery efficiency is excellent. Two-hundred and eighty hours of standby time and ten hours of wireless playback is given on a single charge. This helmet audio system is extremely well designed. It carries IP45 sweat and water resistance certification as well.

Final Thoughts About This Device...

A handy 3.5 mm jack is provided for those that do not have Bluetooth compatibility on their device. This product has undergone extensive testing to guarantee perfect operation in any weather. Hot, cold, snow or rain, the Outdoor Technology Chips Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Audio system will persist. Their universal wireless system is one of the easiest to install and simplest to use. For those that wish to just make and receive calls and listen to music, this is great. Their offering is one of the best Bluetooth helmet speakers, affordable and reliable.

5. Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Volume Control

Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Volume Control

The Tork X2 Stereo Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with volume control is one of the lightest helmet speaker systems sold. This set of speakers is just ¼-inch thick. Don’t let the thin design fool you, their speaker system supplies superb audio quality and loud sound.

The only downside to this configuration is that there is no Bluetooth connectivity provided. You are limited to 3.5mm stereo jack connectivity. At the affordable price that the Tork X2 is offered, it cannot be overlooked.

Tork have created a set of stereo speakers that fit perfectly to almost any helmet that has an inner audio lining. This set of speakers comes with a padded sleeve. It ensures comfort regardless of which helmet you happen to be using. You can match this set to full or open faced helmets. The stereo cable gives ample leeway to reach your device. The volume control is simple and straightforward, but nothing special. Adjusting the inline controls when riding can be a pain at times. Many buyers find that the buy of a longer alternate cable is better than the default.

Final Thoughts About This Device...

The X2 speakers come with a one year guarantee. Given the quality it seems likely that this set will however last you far more than just one year. For those that have louder motorcycles, the loudness may not suffice. It would be recommended that those with larger motorcycles opt for an alternative speaker set, or a portable amplifier. Positioning the speakers inside of your helmet and feeding the cabling through in a comfortable manner can be tricky. Once secure there is no further hassle. The Tork X2 functions reliably, giving simply access to your phone or portable music device.


Our motorcycle speakers reviews show that for the best performance one should opt for the Shark SHTOOTH SharkTooth Communication System. If this happens to be too hefty for your budget, the set from Buyee makes a great alternative.

The audio quality is of such a high caliber that many argue that it has the best helmet speaker produced. Out of all our best motorcycle speakers reviews, the outright cheapest are the Tork X2. Bluetooth is however sacrificed. If you need the best motorcycle helmet speakers with the broadest range of features, turn to our number one contender. It’s blend of advanced design and outstanding accessibility features make it a clear winner.

Here's a quick video to see how to install the Sena SMH-10 into your helmet:

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