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The 5 Best No Glow Trail Camera Reviews & Expert Advice

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Nothing is more stressful than returning from a hunt empty-handed. There’s a trophy buck out there somewhere, but where? You’d need eyes in every tree to be able to learn its habits, but that’s impossible. Right?


The truth is, your hunting experience doesn’t have to be that way.

But how?

With the right trail camera at your disposal, that stubborn buck won’t be able to hide for long. You could observe, scout, and track even the most elusive of game with no trouble at all.

And there’s no need to spend hours reading through IR game camera reviews to try to find the best one. Below, we have compiled a list for you of the five best no glow trail cameras reviews for you to compare and help you select the one that fits your style.

Top 5 Infrared Trail Camera Comparison

1. Moultrie Products MCG-12634 10MP M990I Digital Camera

Moultrie Products MCG-12634 10MP M990I Digital Camera

This 2nd generation trail camera came from the successful flagship line of the well respected Moultrie brand is redesigned and packed with plethora of features we all would be impressed with.

Let’s take a look at some key features why this game camera became popular and what enhancements Moultrie made to its previous success.

Let’s start off with its INVISIBLE Flash No Glow Technology that has a flash range of up to 70 ft! This will ensure no game or even human can detect the flash from any distance. And with its advanced PIR motion and heat sensors which are also adjustable now, it will catch anything without alerting your future trophy buck within 50 ft.

MOULTRIE Game Spy M-880i Gen2 No Glow Invisible 8MP Trail Camera

One other concern most hunters who uses trail cameras is the trigger speed. The M990I can reset quickly to take on more high quality images with its impressive less than 1 second trigger speed. The image quality is crisp and improved over its previous model with its 10MP resolution which is adjustable to lower resolutions in case you want to maximize the storage capacity. It even has a beautiful 2 inch LCD screen to check the images and will even show with less light which is convenient.

We like the fact Moultrie has listened to customers feedback by improving this model with a Quickstart feature. This feature allows you to set the camera up without any difficulty but incase you prefer to customize your settings, you could still do that with its custom start feature.

We love the rugged case design Moultrie put on the newer M990I. This is made to withstand the harshest weather condition and provide better reliability than ever. And with its improved battery life and 2.5 times increased storage space, this makes this the M990I one of the best infrared trail cameras on the market today.

Annke C301 720P Digital Game Trail Camera with 48 pcs of no-glow IR 940nm LED0nm LED

The Annke C301 is another great choice. Any hunter would be more than happy to own this camera.


The infra-red LED is invisible at night. The animals won’t notice that the camera is there. It’s completely weatherproof. Rain or shine, you’ll still get your pictures with its rugged design.The Annke C301’s battery life lasts a whole year! That’s right, 12 whole months of nonstop picture snapping. And when those batteries do run out, there’s no need to worry.

The camera comes with extra support for an external power supply, so it can keep on chugging.

Annke C301 720P Digital Game Trail Camera with 48 pcs of no-glow IR 940nm LED

Worried about running out of space with a year’s worth of pictures? No problem! It also supports a 32G SD card. Looks like you’re all set. This no glow trail camera has reviews that are all pretty positive. It shouldn’t be a mystery why.

It’s one of the best infrared game cameras out there. It has all the qualities that a hunter could hope for in their trail camera. With its great infra-red capabilities, this little camera packs a big punch.

Moultrie A-7i Trail Camera, Camouflage

There are few infrared wildlife camera reviews as good as this one’s. It has a lot to offer and it comes with some key features that makes this camera stand out. Similar to the M990I, the A-7 will come with the INVISIBLE IR Flash Technology which allows the camera to take silent images day or night.

We also like the fact that the Moultrie A-7i can take lithium batteries. This extends its battery life tenfold. It also has special side straps that make it easy to set up, and even easier to move. Best of all, its price is affordable, even for those on a tight budget.

MOULTRIE Game Spy A-7i No Glow Invisible Infrared Trail Game Camera | 7 MP

But it’s not just a cheap camera but also effective and weatherproof. It also comes with a rugged curved design that lets the rain roll right off and is a reliable choice for those inclement weather. And it can take up to 3 pictures at the same time. Talk about multitasking.

The A-7i does come at a trigger speed less than 1.5 seconds and a 7MP resolution which are lower specs than the M990i but still resets quick and has crisp images. And most users find value with affordability and efficiency combined together into one convenient trail camera. And it never sacrifices quality. If your looking for a no glow trail camera that has the most bang for the buck, you've found one here.  

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Game  Trail Hunting Scouting Ghost Camera Take

Of all the infrared game camera reviews out there, the Bestguarder has, well, the best. Customers are raving about it. 

It has a compact design that can fit in the palm of your hand. Its small size also means that it is easy to camouflage in a tree. Couple that with the 36 LED Infrared bulbs which invisible flash ranges up to 75ft makes it extremely hard to detect.

The PIR on this camera is super sensitive and can detect movements and snap an image at a trigger speed of .6 seconds!  It also has a 2 inch LCD screen and will stamp different metrics and valuable data like barometric pressure, moon phase, and the GPS geotag. 

Bestguarder HD Waterproof IP66 Infrared Night Vision Game & Trail Hunting Scouting Ghost Camera Take 12MP Image & 1080p Video From 75feet/23m Distance

All that is nice, but what makes it so great? Why is it one of the best no glow game cameras out there?

Allow us to explain.

It takes HD videos, complete with up to 90 seconds of audio. We love the impressive 12 MP resolution with the battery life that can still sustain up to 40,000 images. With everything it can do, it’s obvious that this trail camera is a steal. You basically will have a premium camera at a lower price point than most high end game cameras which creates excellent value.

5. Flinelife HD 1080P 12MP Game and Trail Camera

Flinelife HD 1080P 12MP Game and Trail camera for Deer Hunting High-Sensitivity Motion Detection wit

Last, but not least, there’s the Flinelife. Just like the others on our list, this infrared trail camera has reviews that are full of praise from actual users.

And why shouldn’t they be?

This little camera has a ton of cool features we like and comes at an affordable price point. The Flinelife has an automatic sensor to detect the slightest motion with 2 PIR's at a 120 degree angle which gives it such a wide range (see picture below). You can also secure your trail camera with a safe password lock for extra security.  

The black IR flash composed of 42 LED's has a great range of 65 ft which can take color or black & white images at your own choice. If you choose video, it can capture high definition clips at 1080p or 720p at your own choice. It has a impressive trigger speed of .6s and which the images can be stored with a 32GB SD card.

Flinelife HD 1080P 12MP Game and Trail camera for Deer Hunting ,High-Sensitivity Motion Detection with 42pcs IR LEDs Infrared Night Vision, 2.4

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, the Flinelife can do even more.

Its battery life can hold up for 8 months of standby time. And if it should wear out, there’s also a 1-year warranty included with sale. 

With all these features, it’s no wonder that the Flinelife is one of our top picks. It’s got everything you could need! We’re positive that the Flinelife could be one of your favorite trail cameras, too.

Here is a actual video showing footage from the Moultrie M990I you can check out!


Are you an experienced hunter in need of an extra pair of eyes? Are you a beginner looking for the best product to help you get started? Or do you just enjoy watching the local wildlife? No matter your purpose, the right trail camera can make all the difference.

All the above are great possibilities. From motion freeze technology to password protection, the perfect fit for you is here.

So which one is the best no glow trail camera for you?

Give one a try. Before long, you’ll have thousands of crisp, clear photos in your hands. Then you’ll be one step closer to finally landing that trophy buck you’ve been dreaming about.

Happy hunting!

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