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Save Time And Money With Our Best Pop up Tents In The Market

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Camping is easier if you own a pop-up tent. Everyone tries tent camping a couple of times in their lifetime—some just love it, and others crave for it. Why?  There is something about interacting with nature that relaxes even the most enervated minds. The beauty of the woods and the allure of spending time in the wild has an impressive ability to create a feeling of serenity.

For many people, the drawbacks of camping surround the challenges of setting up the tent. No one wants to struggle with a complex diagram or crawl around in the dirt trying to fit pole A to slot D.  Fortunately, pop-up tents exist that simplifies the setup process. A pop-up tent is light, easy to set up and fold back. All you have to do is pull it out of the bag, throw it in the air and…Phew! You have a full-size tent.

But pop-up tents are not all made equal. Some are only suitable for camping on the beach while others are more robust in harsh weather conditions. A good pop-up tent should be lightweight, waterproof, and ventilated too. To help you choose the right product, we have compiled a list of the best pop up tents based on Amazon customer reviews.

Top 5 Best Pop Up Tents

1. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

Designed for the beach lifestyle, the Pacific Breeze EasyUp is by far the best pop up beach tent. This tent will give you all the comfort you want while assuring you that you won’t feel the difference when chilly winds hit or the sun gets hot.

The tent is lightweight and features large windows that give you a panoramic view of the oceans while providing ample ventilation. The floor is constructed of PE material that protects it from outdoor abuse and continuous exposure to salt water.

The exterior is constructed of a UPF50+ material that allows sunlight in and protects you from the harmful UV rays.  The Pacific breeze beach tent features an iconic design that showcases the industry’s leading design. It’s the best easy setup tent and you can set it up or take it down within the shortest time possible.

No other beach tent beat it in this area. Storage is well catered for as the tent comes with large internal pockets to store your personal items. The tent is also waterproof and is constructed with durable fiberglass frame. The Pacific Breeze Easy up beach tent is a good way to invest your money owing to its high-performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Here's  a video why the Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent has so many great reviews (Guide to setting up and folding the tent):

2. Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent (14'x10')

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent 14x10

The Coleman 8-Person Instant tent packs a set of premier features that make it pop up whenever a list of the best tents is made. As the best instant tent review, it doesn’t require an extra hand to set it up.

The good thing about instant tents is that poles come pre-attached to the fabric which ensures set up in less than 60 seconds, and the Coleman 8-Person’s instant tent is no exception. All you have to do is extend the poles, click them into place and have your tent up in less than a minute.

This tent performs like a champ in all weather conditions, thanks to the Coleman’s WeatherTec technology.  The interior of the tent is spacious and large enough to fit 2 queen size airbags. If you need a bit of privacy, you can use the provided dividers to divide the room into two.

The tent is constructed of tough materials that make it 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about leakage. Durability is enhanced by the sturdy 150D fabric material used in construction which is twice the thickness of standard fabric. Add this to the WeatherTec system that keeps the wind, water, and bugs outside the tent and you get a tent that is perfect in every way. The tent also features 7 large windows and 2 doors for ventilation purposes.

Here's a quick overview of the Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent showing how to set it up:

The combination of quick setup and light weight design makes this tent the best self erecting tent for camping. The FiveJoy 4-person instant pop-up tent is an amazing camping accessory for those who love going deep into the woods.

It comes with a set of double doors on each end-- the inner one with a zippered screen while the outer door with a zippered nylon. It also has two mesh windows on the sides which allow sunlight in and provides ample ventilation.

The windows are covered by solid nylon which allows fresh air in while still maintaining your privacy. The most amazing feature of the FiveJoy tent is its versatility. It can be used as a tent with fly, as a tent without the fly, or just use the fly alone. On the inside, you will find storage pockets to keep your personal items. The tent can’t withstand heavy rain as it is not designed for backpacking purposes. Being an instant tent, setting it up is easy and you can do it all alone within a minute. 

Here's how the FiveJoy 4-Person Instant Pop-Up tent explodes into the air (Easy set up):

Designed by the camping gear manufacturer Quechua, the Decathlon 2 seconds pop up tent is one of the most popular camping tents out there. Just as the name suggests, the 2-second set up feature is real.

According to the quick setup tent review guide from the manufacturer, all you have to do is toss the tent up in the air, then it will unfold itself and land ready for use. The tent also comes with addition pegs included to anchor it during harsh weather conditions.

The Decathlon 2 seconds pop up tent has enough room for 2 adults and an additional space for luggage. There is also a small shoe space located near the flysheet. The tent is 100% waterproof, tested and approved under 200lts/hr for 4 hours.

The interior of the tent is made of polyester material that keeps away condensation that forms naturally on the inside. The tent is also constructed with breathable bedroom fabric and upper ventilation flaps at the back that allows free flow of air. The inbuilt UV resistant fabric is able to block out at least 90% of the incoming UV light thus keeping you safe.

Great video of Quechua's Decathlon 2 Seconds Pop Up Easy-to-Carry Tent 2 Person Set Up:

5. Coleman Pop-Up Tent (4 persons)

The Coleman Pop-Up tent is a decent accessory for your next camping adventure. Constructed of tough materials all packed up in a compact design, the Coleman pop-up tent is perfect for festivals and outdoors camping in the deep woods.

The tent comes with pre-assembled poles that make it easy to set up, saving you time to settle and explore the camping site. The floor is made of an 185T polyester material that is water resistant and the fly made of a 68D polyester material that is strong enough to withstand the wind.  

The Coleman pop-up tent is large enough to accommodate 4 persons. The tent boasts of protecting you from ground water as well as from rainwater, thanks to the taped floor seams. It also comes with lots of mesh that allows for free flow of air thus keeping you cool at all times. It has received some of the pop up tent reviews best ratings due to its design, ease of setting up, and protection from the elements.

Coleman's FastPitch Pop Up Galiano 4 tent is another great choice (Watch the video):


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Buying a pop-up tent is a good way to start your camping adventure due to their versatility and ease of setting up.

Versatility is enhanced by the fact that most pop-up tents are lightweight, so you can pack them like any other ordinary luggage and hit the camping trail.

They also come with premium features with some of the most advanced pop-up tents pitching with integrated LED lightings and solar power charging.

This has made pop-up tents very popular and the tents of choice for regular campers. On the flipside, they are not the best tents for extreme weather conditions as they lack the strengths of their poled counterparts.

Not sure if a pop up tent is right for you? Then be sure to check out our tent buying guide post.

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