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Get Connected: The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth

Get Connected: The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth

For many riders, bluetooth headsets are heaven sent. Gone are the days when you have to pull over just to attend to an important phone call. By pairing your mobile device to your bluetooth helmet, you can now make and receive calls while on the go. A bluetooth headset also enables you to listen to your favorite music for long periods of time without getting that uncomfortable feeling on your ear.

Since this technology is relatively new, many first time buyers are not sure what to look out for when buying a bluetooth motorcycle headset. Before buying a bluetooth headset for your motorcycle, you must take these things into consideration:


Unfortunately, not all headsets, not even the best bluetooth for helmets in the market will be compatible with all helmets so it’s important that you buy one that fits what you already have.

Battery life

If your headset can’t even play all the songs on your playlist, then it’s not worth it. The best bluetooth helmet headset should be able to withstand long motorcycle rides.

Volume adjustment

Motorcycle engines can get really noisy, so it’s very important that you can be able to adjust the volume of your headset while taking calls or listening to music. Ideally, the best bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmet should have an automatic volume adjustment feature.

Even though motorcycle bluetooth headsets are fairly new in the market, there is definitely no shortage of options to choose from. With new models being released regularly, you’re sure to find one that will fit your budget and preferences. So to help you decide, here are the best bluetooth for motorcycle helmets reviews in the market today.

Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 41 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control Si

This intuitive motorcycle bluetooth communication system enables you get connected and stay that way with up to eight of your best buds - even if they are up to 1.9 kilometers away.


  • Delivers an ultra quality high definition listening experience that’s easy on the ears no matter what’s buzzing about on your journey.
  •  It enables you to carry a conversation, listen to music or get guidance from your GPS all at the same time. It really is the best helmet bluetooth headset for riders who like to multitask.
  • Its Advanced Noise Control feature ensures that normally audible outside forces don’t interrupt incoming or outgoing audio.

Things to keep in mind:

  • FM radio range is short. Scanning through stations can also be difficult while riding as it involves too much work.
  • It is not waterproof. If you're in search for the best bluetooth headset for motorcycle that can withstand different weather conditions, then you might want to look at other options.


If you’re looking for the best bluetooth motorcycle headset that offers multitasking capabilities, then Sena 20S-01 should be on top of your list. With its long battery life, solid multi-intercom connections and high quality audio, the 20S is no doubt, one of the best, if not the best motorcycle bluetooth system that you can get your hands on.

Abdtech Motorcycle Bluetooth Helment Headsetintercom with Fm Tuner800m Range Interphone

Designed to withstand different weather conditions, the Abdtech Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headset/Intercom allows riders to make phone calls, listen to music and transmit voice commands to a GPS device while on the go.


  • Its wireless bluetooth headset allows bike-to-bike intercom up to 800 meters.
  • It boasts up to 10 hours of talk time when connected to a mobile phone and 6 hours when using the intercom feature.
  •  Its button panel is waterproof and heatproof.
  •  It enables voice command transmission to a bluetooth compatible GPS device.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It supports up to three paired riders, but only two riders can use the intercom feature at the same time. It’s not really the best helmet bluetooth headset to use when riding in large groups.
  • Sound quality isn’t that stellar. If you’re looking for the best bluetooth for helmets, then you might want to look somewhere else.


Engineered for heavy-duty performance, the Abtech Bluetooth Helmet Headset is the best bluetooth for motorcycle riding in different weather conditions. It does lack high definition audio, but overall it’s still a pretty solid headset.

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset  Intercom with Universal Microphone Kit Single

Designed for long range conversation and musing sharing, the Sena SMH10 Motorcycle Bluetooth is the best motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset in the market today that allows you to stay connected with your riding companions, while keeping you entertained for hours.


  • It has a long connectivity range for bike-to-bike intercom. It’s the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth for people who often ride in groups.
  • Its Advanced Noise Control technology helps cut down ambient noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.
  • Your music can be shared to all those connected to your intercom. It’s probably the best motorcycle bluetooth headset for music lovers in the market today.


  • It has very fragile connecting pins that can easily get damaged. If you’re looking for something durable and heavy duty, then the Sena SMH10-11 is not the best bluetooth for motorbike helmet for you.
  • It’s not waterproof.


Boasting its long connectivity range and long hours of talk time, this bluetooth headset from Sena is the best motorcycle helmets with bluetooth for group motorcycle touring. And with its music sharing capabilities, your group can enjoy each other’s music while on the go.

Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorbike Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset 800m Rider to Pillion

This bluetooth interphone from Buyee is designed for motorcycle riders who wish to have a clear and reliable wireless communication while on the move.


  • It can be paired with any bluetooth compatible device. It’s one of the best bluetooth headset motorcycle devices on the market today that can be easily linked to other devices.
  • It’s easy to install and designed to fit any helmet.
  • It can be used in different weather conditions.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Audio quality decreases when riding at high speeds.
  • Its microphone is very sensitive and picks up ambient noise. If you’re after the best bluetooth headphones for motorcycle helmets that offers crystal clear ingoing and outgoing audio, then you might want to look somewhere else.


At $59.99, the Buyee Bt Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom Headset is the best motorcycle helmet bluetooth headset at its price point. Built to withstand different weather conditions, it is the best headset for motorcycle helmet that has the perfect balance between price and features.

NavGear Universal Bluetooth Headset for Helmets - Pairs to Cell  GPS

This all-weather water-resistant universal bluetooth headset from Innova enables users to have hands-free access to their mobile phones, GPS and MP3 player while riding.


  • It can communicate wirelessly with any paired bluetooth device.
  • It’s the best bluetooth headphones for motorcycle at its price range that offers simultaneous connections between devices.
  • Its button panel is waterproof and sunproof.

Things to keep in mind:

  • It has no intercom capabilities. The best motorbike helmets with bluetooth should have an intercom feature; unfortunately, this headset from Innova doesn’t have one.
  • Average speaker quality when riding at super high speeds.


Although this bluetooth headset has no intercom feature, the Innova NavGear Universal Bluetooth Headset compensates with the quality of its build and noise suppression capabilities. Overall, it’s still a great product for its price.


Over the years, technology has played an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It has helped simplify everything and made things even more convenient. When it comes to motorcycle riding, bluetooth headsets have definitely established a new standard of communicating and listening to music while on the go.

Here's a quick video to teach you how to install the Sena 20S on your helmet:

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