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Our Picks For The Best Open Faced Helmets for 2017

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As summer approaches, it might be time to buy a new motorcycle helmet. With a large batch of open face helmets on the market, it’s a great time to search for a top open face helmets to give yourself an added sense of freedom as you ride. While searching for a new helmet may seem daunting, the good news is there’s no shortage of safe, affordable, and sleek open face helmets to choose from.

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a helmet, it’s a good bet you can find it in our open face helmet reviews.

In our best open face helmet reviews below, we evaluated affordability, safety, and design, giving you a wide variety of options as you research the best open face motorcycle helmets.

Best Open Face Helmet Review For 2017

Biltwell Bonanza Helmet - Flat Black

For a balance of safety and simple design, the Bitwell Bonanza Helmet is ideal. The interior of this helmet includes a safety shell with open-cell foam padding and moisture-wicking Lycra panels, which make it extremely breathable.

The EPS safety shell also helps you ride comfortably knowing you’ll be protected in a crash. (And yes, it’s D.O.T. approved.) The outside of this helmet is pretty sweet, too — you can have chrome or rubber accents on the edges and choose from an array of colors and finishes.

The helmet’s final touch is its D-ring neck strap. While this helmet is a for not the cheapest, it’s a great choice if you’re searching for a balance of safety, customizability, and visual appeal.

Key Features and Qualities

  • Multiple color variations
  • Simple retro look that is stylish
  • Comfortable liner that is removable
  • Snap on points for optional bubble shield for added functionality

Bell Solid Custom 500 Touring Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black

Bell has made great upgrades to the Custom 500, making it ideal for a retro, sleek design that doesn’t sacrifice protection. The new Custom 500 features a thin-profile, composite fiberglass shell, so the helmet fits snugly to your head. The composite fiberglass is also lightweight, which helps the helmet feel comfortable on your head.

This helmet comes in a variety of colors and finishes, giving you many choices for how your helmet looks. Bell also has many size options, so the Custom 500 is an excellent pick if you’re looking for something simple that fits you perfectly.

Key Features and Qualities

  • Lots of color variations 
  • Fiber glass construction keeps helmet Lightweight
  • Different visor configurations available
  • High bang for the buck at an affordable price
Daytona Basic/Custom D.O.T. Approved 3/4 Shell Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Dull Black

If you’re looking for a simple helmet design but don’t love the retro look of the Custom 500, the Daytona Basic is a great option. This black helmet, available in many sizes, is very light (a mere 3 pounds). The fiberglass shell strengthens the helmet and helps ensure your safety as you ride.

While the helmet features limited foam padding in line with D.O.T. safety standards, it still manages to fit closely to your head, which gives you a clean, simple look. Make sure to check out the sizing chart as sizing can run a little large.

Key Features and Qualities

  • Lightweight 
  • Clean design 
  • Standard black bubble visor
  • Comfortable fit

4. HJC Solid Adult IS-33 II Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black

HJC Solid Adult IS-33 II Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Matte Black

The HJC IS-33 II Helmet is customizable for different weather conditions, so it’s a great choice if you ride in different climates. The helmet’s face shield offers superior UV ray protection and its full face shield protects you from cold temperatures.

The polycarbonate shell is very lightweight, helping you feel free while you wear it. The HJC also features air vents, which ensure the helmet is breathable. The HJC’s impact-absorbing liner also makes this helmet a quality choice if safety is your priority.

The HJC comes in a variety of colors and finishes. (It is arguably one of the best looking open face helmets.) And speaking of its design, if you wear glasses, the HJC also has grooves to accommodate them.

Key Features and Qualities

  • Standard drop down sun visor
  • Comfortable lining and pads that are removable
  • Air vents for ventilation
  • Adjustable Face Shield

GMAX GM17 Adult Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet - Wine Red / 2X-Large

If the HJC IS-33 II Helmet appeals to you but is out of your price range, the GMAX GM17 can be the affordable option. In addition to looking similar to the HJC, the GMAX GM17 has many of the same features as the HJC, including air vents to add to breathability and a face shield you can remove depending on the weather.

The thermoplastic poly alloy shell is designed to resist scratching, so your helmet will continue to look new after repeated use. The material is also extremely light, so the GMAX GM17 won’t weigh you down as you ride. As an added touch, the GMAX GM17 features pockets for speaker installation.

Key Features and Qualities

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Multiple Air Vents for Comfort
  • Removable Liner for cleaning

Cool video we found that shows why wearing a helmet can be cool and safe.. Especially wearing a Bell 500!


There are many open face helmets that combine affordability, safety, and design, so you should have no trouble finding the top open face helmets. You can choose to go for a more retro, classic look with the Bell Custom 500, which has upgraded safety features, or opt for a newer design with the GMAX GM17, HJC, or Daytona.

If you ride in challenging weather conditions, the GMAX and HJC provide a combination of protection from the elements and customization for weather variation. And on a budget, the GMAX is perhaps the best open face motorcycle helmet for the job, nicely combining design and safety.

While every rider prefers something different, if you are searching for freedom and breathability, there is little doubt for your helmet that open face is best, and you have no shortage of choices. If you want the safety of a full face but feel claustrophobic wearing one, a top modular helmet can be recommended to give you best of both worlds. 

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Klara Swift - July 19, 2016

Very interesting post. The best open face helmet reviews below, we evaluated affordability, safety, and design, giving you a wide variety of options as you research the best open face motorcycle helmets.

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