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Incredible “Star Trek” Federation Shuttlecraft Tent Concept Boldly Goes Into the Woods


There is no geek in the 21st century who would say No to anything that has to do with Star Trek.


And if you the kind of person who is not a big fan of camping, perhaps spending some time in the great outdoors away from your comfy sofa would be more fun if you were resting in a Star Trek Shuttlecraft.

That’s precisely the future that Dave Delisle, a Canadian designer has envisioned with the concept of a tent that looks like a Star Trek Federation Shuttlecraft.


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The tent resembles an intergalactic ship that may not be suited for space travel, but would be great for outdoors.

It’s a 2-person tent and a cursory glance at the tent’s exterior gives you an impression that it might take off any minute.

Its hull resembles that one of a real spaceship and has an entrance at the back. With the concept, trekkers can now set up the camp and star gaze in the real Star Trek Style.


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Oh, and the elegant carrying case? When not in use, it’s designed to split apart to become the craft’s thrusters.

As you can see from the images above, the tent design is based on Shuttle 1701-D TH, one of the legendary starships in the well received and top ranking sci-fiction franchise Star Trek.

The tent immensely recreates the contour of the spaceship along with its highly recognizable patterns which makes you feel like you might be meeting with the intergalactic authority soon.

Though this is just a concept, we hope that someone, probably a faithful follower of Star Trek will make this dream a reality. This is not the first geek product concept Delisle designed on his blog.

He also posted amazing concept designs for Star Wars Landspeeder bed, Ghostbusters bunk bed, Iron Man garage set, Star Trek desk and many more.

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