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Start Your Journey With The Best Motorcycle Backpack

Best Motorcycle Backpack

Start Your Journey : Choosing the Best Motorcycle Backpack

To us, one of the greatest feelings in the free world is roaring down the open road behind the handlebars of your very own motorcycle. I mean it. There is simply nothing like it. A close second is when you stop and take in a view of a mountain lake through your sunglasses after a long ride. And then you decide to reach behind you, searching… and you find… nothing. You’ve forgotten easily the most essential piece of gear since your helmet. (You ARE wearing a helmet, right??) You’ve forgotten your backpack.

Fear not my friends. As usual, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the best backpacks for motorcycles in the market today.


1. SNOWHALE Cycling Hiking Backpack Water-resistant Daypack FKC0618

SNOWHALE Cycling Hiking Backpack Water-resistant Daypack FKC0618

It's one of Snowhale's top motorcycle backpacks. The cycling hiking backpack is more than just an inexpensive bag for those who like to be outdoors. Its tear and abrasion resistant nylon build was made for those who like to ride on something with lots of power.

The adjustable chest strap makes for a snug yet comfortable bit. And of course its ample when it comes to its main storage compartment. It boasts an impressive 1098 cubic inches of space.

Got rain? No problem.

Aside from being one of the best motorcycle backpacks on an entry level, this backpack is very stingy with the amount of water it will allow through.

If you need a good backpack motorcycle for motorcycle riding and are on a serious budget. Start here.

2. Seibertron Motorbike backpack Motorcycle bag Outdoor Sports Riding Package black 37L

Seibertron Motorbike backpack Motorcycle bag Outdoor Sports Riding Package black 37L

The Seibertron Motorbike Backpack is one of Amazon’s best seller's for a reason. It could be because of its simple yet completely functional design. It could be because of its cleverly crafted nooks and small hideaways for even the most minute of your gear. Or it could just be that it’s a damn good Molle designed backpack that takes it a little too easy on your wallet. (As if there was even such a thing!) Either way, it remains one of the top motorcycle backpacks on Amazon’s collection.

Taking a long trip? This backpack was built with you in mind.

It's impressive main storage can house at least five days of clothes AND you favorite pair of boots. 900D waterproof material ensures that virtually no water shall pass, which is nice for those rainy days on the open road.

Long story short, we’ve found that of the best motorcycle backpacks that we’ve come across have three things in common: Great value at a great price and the best motorcycle backpack reviews on the internet. The Seibertron Motorbike backpack has both of these qualities in spades. We definitely recommend it.

3. Alpinestars Roving Backpack - Black/Red

Alpinestars Roving Backpack - BlackRed

Looking for the top motorcycle backpack that's compact? Yet big enough to hold your essentials then take a look at Alpinestars Roving Backpack. The Alpinestars Roving has a well-padded back. Adjustable shoulder straps and a removable waist belt adjuster help maximize comfort while riding. The material of Alpinestars Roving is not fully waterproof. It may not be the best choice for a motorcycle backpack for all-weather usage. But it does come with a full rain cover to keep your things dry when the rain gets heavy.

The Alpinestars Roving Backpack is a good motorcycle backpack for both riding and everyday use. It’s lightweight and you’ll barely even feel that you have it on. The only caveat is the lack of color selections, but nonetheless it is still one of the best motorbike backpacks in the market today.

Sure, it’s a little more pricey than the Seibertron. But it’s worth it.

4. Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack

The Mach 3 is one of the latest models that Ogio has released recently. Although it’s made from heavy-duty materials, it’s still surprisingly lightweight for its size. This bag is built around a spacious central storage that has an adjustable divider and several other interior pockets. You can actually fit a 15” laptop securely and still have space for other things.

There’s also a shoe storage area in this backpack, perfect for those who want a quick footwear change while on the go. The Mach 3 also does not disappoint in the comfort department. It is built with ergonomic shoulder straps that are fully adjustable. The material that comes in contact with your back is also comfortable and breathable. The only caveat of this top motorcycle backpack is that the shape of the shell and the way the back pads curve in is not comfortable for walking.

If you’re looking for a good backpack for motorcycle riders that’s functional and stylish at the same time, then the Ogio No Drag Mach is definitely for you. With its weather resistant, aerodynamic molded exterior design, the Ogio No Drag Mach 3 will surely turn some heads while you’re on the road.

5. Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack - Stealth

Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack - Stealth

What’s that you say? Two Ogio Backpacks on one list? AND they just so happen to be crafted virtually the same? That’s madness! Sheer madness!!

Not quite. (Trust me, I’m going somewhere with this…)

It’s true while the Mach 3 and Mach 5 may look similar on a glance, upon deeper inspection, they couldn’t be more different. The Mach 5 takes the simple concept of a stylish and pretty charismatic design and of the Mach 3 and completely expands on it. Making one of the best backpacks for motorcycle riders.

How, you might ask? It’s simple:

Plush padding graces the interior in place of cold plastic. While a wide open main compartment is great, the Mach 5 steps it’s game up by stitching in thoughtful adjustable load pockets. And did I mention that the interior shape is completely redesigned in a U shape made to carry your more volatile gear, like say, your laptop. And of course they threw in a sleeve to house it this time around. I could go on, but i'm sure that by now you're already seeing that it’s clearly one of the best backpacks for your motorcycle. If you have the funds, buy this backpack.

Thank me later.


Let's face it, you have a lot a great options here and apart from offering an excellent storage solution, motorcycle backpacks can also be used to provide extra padding and protection for your back during accidents. Indeed, a motorcycle backpack is one of the best essential riding gears that you can have.  

If your also interested in turning your backpack into a safety device while riding, check out this video:

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