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The “Bubble Hotel” Chain at ‘Attrap Rêves’ in France is the Future of Camping

bubble hotel Attrap Rêves

They say that fresh air and great outdoors can cure almost anything.

And while great outdoors gives you a cosmic and poetic experience with nature, it is not without a dark side. You have to contend with bugs, bad weather, sounds of animals roaming by, and if you are like me, even setting up the nylon tent might put you off.

If you want a romantic and charming camping experience under the stars and you don’t want to rough in the unpredictable outdoors, then book a stay at Attrap Reves aka “Bubble Hotel” in France.


This little bubble of heaven is for those who want a classy hotel experience while on their camping adventure.

Featuring an ingenious concept which combines adventure with luxury, Attrap’ Reves invites you to their state-of-the-art bubbles to enjoy the camping experience of a lifetime without having to worry about sharing your bed with bugs.

These unusual accommodations offer the perfect balance between camping and comfort.

Each of the bubbles is about 13 feet in diameter and comes in two varieties; fully transparent and half opaque bubbles.

Each variety features a clear skylight open to the stars so you can now contemplate the grandeur of the Milky Way without blur.

Even if you choose the fully transparent bubble, fear not as you are still guaranteed complete privacy.

These bad boys are scattered across France, in the lush green hills, far-reaching lakes, and also tucked amongst rugged mountains. They are accessed via totally different paths so you will never get anywhere close to the bubble booked by that newly married couple on their honeymoon. Each of the bubbles features a unique design, decorated according to its own theme, so you can choose between Nature, 1001 Nights, Suite Chic & Design, Zen, or Glamour Bubble.

bubble hotel forrest

You will be surprised at what these bubbles have to offer to be at par with the best hotels in the world.

All the bubbles are equipped with a queen-sized bed, installed machines to regulate airflow, a café table, a star chart and a telescope.

They are also placed on platforms surrounded by trees which give you a one of a kind connection with nature while making you feel like you are sleeping in the open air.

To add to the luxury features, each bubble has its own private shower and towels provided. The bathrooms are not encased in transparent plastics so your privacy is not compromised in any way.

All guests are also entitled to the French cuisine, champagne, and a masseuse. Not to forget the breakfast offered which you can enjoy on your luxury queen-size bed while you embrace the warming effect of the morning sun as it hits through the transparent bubble.

Well, that’s how beautiful and glamorous a night out with your loved one can be at the Attrap’ Reves bubble hotels.

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