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Top 23 Hunting Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

Top 23 Hunting Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

If you are passionate about hunting, you no doubt research and read hunting blogs.  Hunting has become a lifestyle for many of us and with so many blogs targeting this niche, knowing which ones to follow and which ones to blacklist becomes another jigsaw puzzle.


If you find yourself scouring the internet from page to page searching for the best hunting blogs, worry not as we got you covered.

We know that the best hunting blogs will keep you informed and entertained. In fact, the top hunting blogs will provide you with all the tricks, strategies, gear recommendations, and other information critical to your success on your hunting adventures.

So how do you find these bloggers? Below find our recommendation for the top 23 hunting bloggers to follow right now.

Top 23 Hunting Bloggers To Follow Now

1. Kevin – Hunting Life


Why you should follow him: is a game changer for hunting enthusiasts who want to be able to keep up on the hunting industry year round. Readers will also get to know what is going on in with the hunter/conservation organizations that protect our precious wildlife around the world. is loaded with authentic hunting information, gear reviews and resources to help you become a better hunter. shares articles year round and has a tremendous social media presence worth paying attention to year round along with a fantastic newsletter.


2. Mike – Through A Hunter’s Eyes


Why you should follow him: His blog is an eye opener just as the name suggests. Mike holds a B.S degree in Wildlife Biology and with a vast experience in hunting and wildlife management; you don’t want to miss his advice about hunting and wildlife. His blog is also a useful resource for all hunting related information and posts.


3. Mark – Wired To Hunt


Why you should follow him: His blog is elegant, resourceful, and addictive. Perfect for deer hunters, Mark’s blog is your one stop site for deer hunting news, stories, and strategies for the next generation. The site also contains educative tips on “how to” all in relation to deer hunting and some cool videos.


4. Adam – Deer Hunting Big Bucks


Why you should follow him: Adam is a member of the Quality Deer Management Association, The Pope and Young Club, National Rifle Association and also a United States Army veteran. His blog covers all you need to know about deer hunting including the changes in deer hunting laws and regulations, news, and hunting gear reviews. There is also a very comprehensive deer hunting guide that can easily pave the way for novice hunters.


5. Corey – Shooting Time


Why you should follow Shooting Time: The site is a must read due to the useful information it provides about archery and bowhunting. The website is dedicated to educating archers and bowhunters so they can enjoy their passions with higher success rates. There is also an extensive section for archery product reviews and archery accessories.


6. Colorado Hunter

The Colorado Hunter

Why you should follow the Colorado Hunter: The site is a complete guide to hunting covering all your need to enhance your hunting experience. It doesn’t matter whether you hunt with a bow, rifle, or a muzzleloader, the site got you covered. There is a hunting forum on the site where you can meet with other hunting buddies, ask questions, or even make new hunting friends. The site also covers “where to go” suggestions for Colorado hunters.


7. John – The Big Game Hunting Blog


Why you should follow him: A hunter who practices what he preach. John has not only hunted games all over America, his taste for hunting transcended to other continents and he found himself hunting games in South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. On his site, you will find interesting hunting articles as well as hunting gear reviews.


8. Rudy – Winded Bow Hunter


Why you should follow him: Rudy is an icon in the world of hunting. His site is typically the library for hunting enthusiasts. Here you will find everything you need to succeed in hunting. Info provided include hunters D.I.Y tools, archives, hunting gear, as well as his own hunting personal experiences.


9. Will – The Will To Hunt


Why you should follow him: Will is a hunting legend and his blog is a great force to the hunting community. You will also find gear recommendations and the best outwear for hunting on his site. You will also find pretty amazing articles coupled with his life experiences on his blog.


10. Tim – Average Outdoorsman

Why you should follow him: Tim's blog has made it to the top due to the quality of the content available there, not to forget the quality of the blog. On his blog, you will find hunting content, news, gear reviews as well as fishing content. The blog is handy for outgoers who love hunting as well as fishing.


11. Mark – Sole Adventure


Why you should follow him: Mark is a dedicated hunter and you will love his writing and learn a lot from him as he slowly enrolls you into the University of Elk hunting. His blog is typically the porter’s child for wild hunting. You will also find a detailed review of all the hunting gear that he has used and tested.


12. Hank – Hunter. Angler. Gardener. Cook


Why you should follow him: Hank chose a path that is rarely traveled, won various nominations awards and perhaps he can teach you too. He is an amazing cook, a gardener, a fisherman, and an experienced hunter. His blog is the “Wikipedia” for hunting and healthy living. You will find some pretty amazing stuff here that you will end up subscribing.


13. Willie – Outdoor Freaks


Why you should follow him: Do you love those hunting epic stories that make you rave for hunting more and more? Then you should follow Willie. Every day, you will find a blog post, a video, or a podcast that will inform you, or solve a problem that has been troubling you in your hunting adventures.


14. Tim – The 4 Pointer


Why you should follow him: If you are a hunter and you love humor, then Tim’s blog should be your first priority. Visit his blog and the first post you get is a humorous post about marrying a spouse that hunts. His blog is also full of informative content that reminds people that a hunt is more than just killing an animal.


15. Mike – Mike Hanback

Why you should follow him: If you love deer hunting, then Mike’s blog is the deer hunting headquarters. Visit his site and you will love the Big Deer TV 2016 episodes that you have not seen elsewhere. You will also find big deer hunting tactics and big deer gear so you can go hunting fully prepared.


16. Noah – The Outdoors Guy


Why you should follow him: Humorous, yet detailed enough to provide hunting opinions like a philosopher; Noah will open your eyes to a new world of hunting and fishing. You will also love his intuitive site that is very educative and provides all the interesting information and stories about the great outdoors that your ears want to hear.


17. Patrick – Hunters Tales


Why you should follow him: His site is like an encyclopedia for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Everything you have heard of in the hunting universe probably originated from his site. Here you will find “how to” articles, guides, hunting tips, hunting gear reviews, and hunting tales that will supercharge your cravings for hunting.


18. Kari – Doe & Arrow Hunting

Why you should follow her: Kari is an avid whitetail deer hunter. She has an intense passion for the great outdoors and wants you to benefit from her advice as she talks out of experience. Her website is loaded with tons of hunting info that you might not turn to another website for hunting tips for a long time. You will find hunting tips, deer tales, hunting gear reviews and much more that will keep you informed and well entertained.


19. Wide Open Spaces

Wide open spaces

Why you should follow Wide Open Spaces: This blog brings a mix of outdoor enthusiasm and journalism background on a daily basis thus keeping you well informed and entertained. Apart from hunting, W.O.S. also covers fishing, shooting, adventures, and other exotic stories that will make you even love your connection with nature more.


20. Ron – RonSpomer Outdoors


Why you should follow him: His website is one of the few that will keep your eyes glued for a long time. Here you will find everything you need to know about outdoors. Some of the categories include hunting, gear, humor, natural history, philosophy, photography, shooting, travel, how to, conservation, optic, and other uncategorized content. It is a very educative site and you will learn more than you intended to.


21. Dan – Whitetail Wisdom


Why you should follow him: Daniel is the editor in chief of the Deer and Deer Hunting magazine, one of the most influential deer hunting magazines. The site provides exclusive deer hunting tips, education, hunting gear, outdoor clothing, news, and whitetail wisdom. Following him is the very first step to transforming your hunting experience.


22. Ike – Ike Outdoors


Why you should follow him: His posts are enjoyable, positive, uplifting, and share-worthy. His site is unique and offers exclusive cases and informative content that will make you a pro in the hunting industry. The site is packed with loads of how-to videos, hunting videos, gear reviews, 2016 bow reviews and more so you will never lack anything good to read or watch related to hunting.


23. John – TopBow


Why you should follow him: Passionate about recurve bow and having used it for ages, John offers educative and all-around content surrounding the recurve bow. His site is also rich in interesting content like tips and tricks on how to hunt different types of animals including squirrels, ultimate hunting guide for beginners, as well as bow reviews.


Wrapping Up!

The best way to become a pro in the hunting industry is to follow the best bloggers in that niche.

That way, you will keep abreast of the latest technology in the hunting gear, news, tips and tricks, as well as proven practices that have been used by the legendary hunters.

The above bloggers will inspire you as well as advise you on the right gear. Keep in mind that there are so many hunting bloggers on the internet today, but we chose only the best, the kind that leaves nothing to chance so you can learn from the best bloggers on the planet.


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Originally from the small town of Alma, Wisconsin, Dan is an experienced hunter and survivalist. He has hunted in most of the top rated whitetail spots in the country and has acquired his vast knowledge and experience from hunting over 25 years. He enjoys being outdoors in the wild and is an avid angler as well. He shares his enthusiasm through writing his best hunting strategies and gear reviews here at NPLO.

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