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Top 25 Motorcycle Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

Top 25 Motorcycle Bloggers

The motorcycling world has sparked a lot of buzz in recent years.

Today, motorcycles are not only a tool of transportation; they’re a source of freedom and inspiration. There exists a vast family of bikers that’s constantly growing each passing day.

The following top 25 motorcycle bloggers will inspire you to gear up and travel to faraway lands on two wheels.

Top 25 Motorcycle Bloggers

1. Cyril Huze


Cyril is a renowned designer and custom builder of incredible motorcycles. He has a unique eye that helps him design bikes which are out of the ordinary.  His website, 'Cyril Huze Posts' informs you about all the latest motorcycle news and profiles all the movers and shakers in the motorcycle industry.

2. Rachael ("Fuzzy")


Rachael, or as most people prefer to call her “Fuzzy”, is a New York girl who has been riding motorcycles for about two decades now.  Her love and passion for biking prompted her to create her own motorcycle blog called

3. Doug


Doug is a fun motorcyclist who seeks thrill and adventure in different parts of the world.  Although he is based in Delaware, he’s travelled to numerous cities around the globe. He combined this with his passion for photography to create Tilted Horizons.

4. Stephanie


Stephanie, mostly referred to as HarleyGirl, hails from Iowa.  She has a deep love for Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Needless to say, she’s a rider who loves music and good wine. When she’s not riding, she’s probably reading a good book or updating her blog, The Many Thoughts of HarleyGirl.

5. Dale Franks


Having been in the military during his apex years, Dale has seen it all. He is a revered member of the biking community, his interest for motorcycles having sparked early in his life. Dale is also a writer, web designer, programmer and broadcaster.  Visit him over at

6. Jesper Bram


Jesper’s blog, Helmet Hair, revolves around motorcycles. This adventurous girl from Copenhagen loves race bikes, choppers, cruisers, touring bikes – basically all kinds of bikes you could think of. She especially loves test-driving new bikes and riding to exotic destinations.

7. Joanne Donn


Joanne started her website, Gearchic, to help women identify the best places to purchase protective motorcycle gear. You’re likely to find tons of information concerning all the gear and equipment you’d need to start riding your scooter or motorcycle safely.

8. Janet


Janet has numerous interests – business, blogging, gardening, travelling and biking, just to mention a few. She enjoys riding her bike whenever she needs to clear her head or spend time with her friends. She owns a Dyna Super Glide Custom motorcycle that she calls Kitten.             She shares her riding adventures via her website, Biker Chick News.

9. Bill


When Bill bought his first motorcycle in 2006, he didn’t think it would transform his life that much. Years later, his love for riding has grown deeper than ever. Bill enjoys riding to unfamiliar sites and taking trips to faraway lands. He shares his riding experiences through his site,                                                                          Atlas Rider.

10. Ry Austin


As a kid, Ry’s interest in surrealism art grew to a huge extent. This interest matured as he grew older, till he started creating his own works of Expressionism. Ry is also intrigued by words. This, coupled with his love for motorcycles, prompted him to come up with his own website, Two Wheels to There.

11. Sash


Sash grew up in a family of bikers. Although her childhood and early adulthood were far from rosy, she managed to beat all odds and fulfill her all-time dream – biking. Her site, Sashmouth, tells the intriguing tales of her riding escapades.

12. Steve Johnson


Birds of the same feather, as they say, flock together. Steve is Sash’s husband. He naturally shares Sash’s biking interests, among many others. The well-travelled couple has ridden to a myriad of towns across the US. Steve keep a diary of their travels in his blog, Motorcycle Philosophy.

13. Steve Williams


Steve has been riding his Vespa scooter for about a decade now. He started his biking site, Scooter in the Sticks, as a simple experiment. However, it grew into an outstanding tool that he used to reflect and share his riding experiences.

14. Timothy King


Before Tim developed his incessant passion for riding motorcycles, he studied art, computer technology, English and Philosophy. He combined his passion for computers, photography and biking to create Tim’s Motorcycle Diaries which has more than 1,400 followers and over 2.3 million views.

15. Liz Hardy


Liz is a bubbly lady who was hooked to biking from the minute she tried it. What’s surprising is that she doesn’t even have a license! She enjoys riding her husband’s motorcycle on the pillion seat. Fittingly, her website is called Pillioness.

16. Motorcycle Marc


Apart from loving motorcycles, Marc rents out bikes to those seeking some riding fun. He enjoys going for road trips on his two wheels. If you’re nuts about bikes and all pertaining to them, or you’re interested in knowing how you can market your motorcycle products, check out Motorcycle Marc’s Blog.

17. Carla King


Ever since she was 14, Carla has been fascinated with motorcycles. She grew fond of taking her dad’s old Honda Enduro out for a spin at her rural home in North Carolina. Now, she enjoys recording her motorcycle misadventures via her Carla King website.

18. Bud


Bud has been providing numerous solutions in programming & customization, AutoCAD software advancement, development of civil 3D. In addition, he has a deep passion for motorcycling which he shares in his blog ZenMotorcyclist.

19. Alisa Clickenger


As Alisa’s life was sinking fast in a pile of quicksand, she found her salvation in motorcycling. The two-wheeled machine gave her the kind of freedom she’d been yearning for. She’s ridden in many countries, documenting each travel in her blog, MotoAdventureGal.

20. Liz Jansen


Liz is an avid adventurer who is intrigued by storytelling. She’s been riding motorcycles since she was a mere teenager. She also guides beginners on all the nitty-gritty details they need to know about biking. Read her informative tips and resources on her Liz Jansen Website.

21. Ran Zilca


A research scientist and family man, Ran doesn’t initially strike you as an enthusiastic biker. However, he has been riding for eons. As part of his personal transformation strategy, he rode 6,000 miles across the country. He shares the results of this journey in his website,                                                                            

22. Greg


Throughout his life, Greg has had a strong penchant for adventure. He found an interesting way to venture away from his home in Canada – on a motorcycle. His bike gives him a surreal feeling of freedom and flexibility. You can catch his gripping adventures on his website,                                                                                           Greg’s Motorcycle Adventures.

23. Jay Green


Jay lives in Delaware with his loving wife, Diana. They’ve both served as officers and revered road captains for HOG. They are Harley Davidson enthusiasts who enjoy riding throughout different parts of the country. Their website, Road Captain USA, gives you fun information about the motorcycling industry.

24. Ben


Have you been wondering the best way to start biking? Ben offers great titbits on how you can stay safe while riding your motorcycle. He has been hooked to his Honda motorcycle since he first bought it. He shares very informative facts and tips through his website, Best Beginner Motorcycles.

25. Bikerama Motorcycle Blog

Bikearama offers entertaining information concerning motorcycles. This includes all the latest modifications and customizations in the biking world as well as numerous how to’s. Read all these from their blog, Bikearama Motorcycle Blog.

Wrapping Up!

Whether you’re searching for crucial facts concerning your new motorcycle or you’re just looking to be entertained, follow these top 25 motorcycle bloggers.

You’ll get richly motivated to go out there and try something new.


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