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Top 25 Awesome Outdoor Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

Top 25 Outdoor Bloggers
TOP 25 outdoor BLOGGERS

Want to see campers, hikers and travelers who are passionate and inspiring? We gathered the top 25 outdoor bloggers that will nudge, inspire and inform you.

With their infinite knowledge in this area, following their professional blog, you will feel the energy in their words. The top 25 are without doubt gifted wordsmith this era of unprofessionalism.

The Top 25 Outdoor Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

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1. Hendrik – Hiking in Finland

Hendrik at Hikinginfinland

Hendrik is an outdoor blogger who writes blogs on skiing, pack rafting, climbing, and bike packing. The structure and his practical knowledge are undoubted. Reading the articles he has done you will be amazed by his God-given gift.

2. Sandra and John – Florida Hikes

Sandra and John at floridahikes

Need to learn something you will relate to and get the necessary information, forget the fluff you may be fed by some of the bloggers out there?  Want to get the proper info that you will enjoy? Sandra and John blogs will nourish your mind with their blog.  Factual information and great blogs from the sources who have experience in the adventure. Just check out their blog and you will see what am talking about here. Outstanding!

3. Sarah and Kirk – Trail Cooking

Sarah at Trailcooking

Do you always want to try out new food? Do you want to get a recipe that won't disappoint? Sarah and Kirk’s blog is the real deal. Their blog, has professional food blogs and recipe including breakfast, lunch, and dessert. Visit Sarah and Kirk blog for you to get the highly active food blogs.

4. Aimee, Mai-yan & Emily – Dirty Gourmets

aimee emily mai-yan at dirtygourmet

On the top blogger's list are Aimee, Mai-yan and Emily, They’ve proven to be on the top list because of the quality of their blog on the best camping food for your adventures. In case you are wondering why the camping food blog, every hiker always needs to be sufficiently packed with the essential food. The blog gives you all the outdoor camping food tips.

5. Jeff - Cold Splinters

Jeff @ Coldsplinters

Some of the blogs are whacky, let alone the poor researchers that you will always find everywhere. Jeff has made his blog to be a top outdoor blog. He introduced his blog on first-hand outdoor information that he gathers himself.

6. Mark & Brooke – Adventure Parents


Have you ever read blogs and you find yourself looking forward to the next one even before finishing up the current one? Mark & Brooke has made it their way in the Their superb eye for the interesting parts is astounding. Making sure that their followers get the right content. You should consider following 'Adventure Parents' and be a part of them that wants to give you more.

7. Sally – Un-brave Girl


Sally is a writer, a photographer; well let’s just say she is an amazing blogger who, being outside is what she does.  Sally is the best at what she does and will always give you the content that you shall find amusing and relatable.

8. Mat "Leif" – Trail Journals

Trail Journal by Mat "Leif" is a unique blog that will give you all the free knowledge, from thousands of journal to photographs of hikes and excursions.  For the hiking enthusiasts, this is the blog that you should visit and explore more on the journeys.

9. Rick – Best Hike


Rick has compiled most of the hikes, tracks and treks all around the world.  The blog site has gathered a bunch of places including Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South and North America’s outdoor hiking’s and routes. I am confident that when you visit the site, you will become a raving fan of Rick for his excellent outdoor blog.

10. Will – The Broke Backpack


The broke backpack is a revolution in the hiking world.  Will gives you the last blog that assists you in the budget and many hiking areas in the world. You will feel brightened whenever you visit the broke backpack. Be sure to visit and see what Will offers in his outstanding blog.

11. Paul - The Outdoor Adventure


As a child, Paul Osborn grew up in the environment that his blog is related.  His happy memories led him to start the outdoor adventure. Furthermore, he takes his family to experience his outdoor adventures as many times as he can. By applying his experience and working on his blog, Paul gives you an expert outdoor blog.

12. Scott – Hiking Forward


Scott is an active participant of some excellent adventures. The passion for these experiences made him participate in various hiking blogs. He is undoubtedly high and produces all the relevant information that any outdoor lover may seek.

13. Dave - Dave’s Travel Corner


The past 19 years, Dave has been focusing on outdoor travel. He has an extensive range writes and life experiences with a variety of budgets. Dave began his blog because of a life changing experience he had in Nepal where he trekked near The Everest Base Camp. The notes he went on recording in the course of his adventure were the foundation of his blog.

14. Brandon and Rachel – Beers At The Bottom

brandon_rachel @ beersatthebottom

Brandon and Rachel started their blog based on the Bellingham village books. They give the local hiking guides and some books that are dedicated to guiding walking in the woods. Brandon and Rachel also focus their blog on local foods and drinks and mostly beer brewing.

15. Tiffany – A Little Campy

Tiffany @ alittlecampy

A part-time respiratory therapist and full-time mum. Tiffany loves camping, fishing and any outdoor activity.  Her blog focusses on the family aspects of outdoor adventures. She writes recipes, how to pitch a variety of tents and camping tips. Her blog is enjoyable and also informative.

16. Cam – The Hiking Life

Cam @ thehikinglife

Cam Honan is an experienced outdoor blogger who loves traveling and hiking. After he had been done with his university studies, he moved to Mexico where he learnt other languages before moving to Australia where he took traveling, hiking and another excursion seriously. Cam hiked over 57,000 miles in 56 countries globally. Cam has been blogging for many years, and this is the reason why he is on the list of top bloggers.

17. Blair, David and Garry – The Outdoor Type

The Outdoor type

The outdoor type has communicated their outdoor experiences by a team of bloggers who are very passionate about the outdoor.  Blair, David and Rick gives their followers personal accounts of their adventure; from how to experience the outdoor to how to enjoy them.

18. Megan – Appalachian Girl

Megan @Appalachiantrailgirl

Megan hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. In 2010 she was a newbie and had no idea of what she was doing.  Since then, she grew to love the outdoor lifestyle, and this is why she started the Appalachian Trail girl. She inspires women to join the outdoor lifestyle and be confident in this activities.

19. Brad – I Hike San Diego


Brad is a personal trainer who loves hiking. From a mere age of 6, living in Guam, he has been hiking. In 1993, Brad moved to San Diego where his love for hiking developed enormously. As he goes to the Hikes, he gathers information about the walks and uses it on his blog. By giving you the first-hand information, he produces an excellent blog.

20. Tater – Ozark Mountain Hiker

Jim _Tater_@ozarkmountainhiker

Jim Warnock familiar trail name Tater explores Ozarks and loves his camera.  On his blog Tater shares the picture, he takes on the trails and writes about the trail he goes. He also includes inspiring and amusing posts and currently working on his trail guide which will be released in October.

21. Jake – Trail-savvy


A devoted dad who is passionate about the woods for the past 30 years. Jake has worked as a scout, tenderfeet to caving, climbing and rappelling. By working more than 70 hrs per week, whenever Jake gets a chance to explore outdoor, he makes the most out of it and shares it on his blog.

22. Ben – Northern Camping


Ben will make your first night camping the best you can have. He is very passionate about all the right outdoor activities. By documenting and arranging his experience on his blog, following him will inspire you!

23. Justin – Great wild outdoors


He is a big fan of outdoor activities; camping and just being out with his family bring him joy. Justin gives tips and tricks for the adventure. He also includes gear reviews on his blog which you will find helpful if you are planning to go on these outdoor trips.

24. Rod and Heather – Go camping Canada


Rod and Heather started as a business where they were selling truck tents. Onwards they went on to camping sites to promote their ten and at that moment they grew to love the outdoor activities and hence started to share their outdoor stories through their blog. As they are avid campers, Rod and Heather’s online shop and blog gives all the products and gears that you will find very useful whenever you go out camping or trekking.

25. Traci – Walk Simply


Four years ago Traci Lehman created her blog to document her adventures in Southern California. She loves to walk and spending some time outside. One of the important thing she includes in her blogs is educating her followers on fitness when it comes to outdoor adventures. Traci’s blog will lighten your day and make you look forward to your next outdoor trip.

Wrapping Up!

For anyone who wants to get informed about all the outdoor activities; camping, fishing, trips, trekking and much more, all you have to do is just follow the top 25 outdoor bloggers. You will get inspirations as well as know the right gears to take with you and the overall budget.

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